What does OG mean?

Depending on how old you are and where you come from, “OG” can have several meanings, but probably the most popular is Original Gangster. Supposedly the word was coined in the 1970’s by the Crip (Blue) gang in southern California, Original Gangster Crips, because they were the apparently the first gang in Southern California. As the Gang began to grow, OG was used to describe someone who has been a longtime gang member holding a lot of “street cred”.

In the 1980’s “OG” became a mainstream term personified by rap music, to describe someone who is living a gangster lifestyle. NWA comes to mind along with Ice Cube, and of course Ice T. Furthermore, in the 1990’s as the term gained popularity, people used it to describe someone who was not necessarily affiliated with a gang, as it could mean someone who did something first of its kind or unique. Michael Jordan was an OG for example. Al Pacino Is an OG, how could he not be with his role in Scarface which is an OG movie.

In the 1990’s Ice T, one of my favorite all time rappers created a song “OG Original Gangster”, to this day I still listen to it. Also, in the 1990s a cannabis strain was created called OG Kush. As the original breeder is debated, there are ties to DNA Genetics out of Amsterdam who claim the name was changed from Kush to OG Kush by the popular rap group Cypress Hill. If you are reading this Blog, then I have to imagine you have heard of Cypress Hill

Like OG KUSH? Try Abacus Diesel for Free

What does OG mean in the cannabis world? Many strains today have ties to OG Kush including our Abacus Diesel™, which has lineage stemming from Humboldt County, California, which is an OG county known for its cannabis. When I smell a gassy strain, I immediately think OG. Personally I love the Gas Diesel smell of certain cannabis strains with some of my new favorites being our Strawberry Diesel and Chocolate Diesel.

Nowadays you here slang words like Real OG and Triple OG but if you were to ask me, OG is someone who is original, who is a gangster but not in the Red and Blue traditional sense. Many people I know are OGs, and I believe it is in your genetics, whether you re a plant or a human, you are either born an OG or not. 

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