Chemdawg Strain

Type: 55:45 sativa:indica (although it can be the other way around, depending on the exact phenotype)

Ancestry: A famous mystery. Some rumors have it Chemdawg is a cross between sativa landraces from Thailand and Nepal. Another theory suggests it’s the child of Dog Bud, a Colorado strain. Another myth traces the origins back to a seed exchange at a Grateful Dead concert

THC Content: 15-20%

Terpenes: valencene, caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, bisabolol

Appearance: Long, tapered buds with wispy, green leaves, copper-like hairs, and a silvery trichome coating

Aroma and Taste: A notorious diesel taste that’s particularly palpable on the exhale, and a musky smell with earthy and pine undertones.

Trivia: Parent of Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Recreational Effects

Chemdawg is the ultimate conversation starter. In fact, it will even start conversations with yourself.

Chemdawg’s powerful and quick-hitting cerebral high is the stuff of sativa legends. It hits hard and fast, so much so that it can catch you off guard and daze you temporarily. Once the initial “shock” recedes, Chemdawg starts opening up new, previously overlooked perspectives on otherwise well-known and even trivial topics, it turns virtually any conversation into a special occasion, a movie scene, a revelation, a story by the bonfire you get lost into. In that spirit, Chemdawg is great for both creative and mundane work, but above all, it is best for teamwork, being one of the more social strains.

Even if you’re not doing anything in particular, the powerful rush of euphoria, mental buzz, and heightened sensory perceptions can make everyday moments wondrous (especially if they’re shared with loved ones), it imbues them with that unique movie-esque feeling that flies on the wall must have.

From a physical standpoint, users report a nice, mellow body high that isn’t couch-binding, but does contribute to an overall relaxing experience.

Being a balanced and well-rounded hybrid, Chemdawg is suitable for both day and night-time use, as long as it’s not too early in the day, as the potency can render you somewhat dysfunctional for certain everyday activities, or too late at night, as the mental stimulation can keep you up.

Medicinal Benefits

Being so mentally stimulating can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s hard to stress out about everyday responsibilities when you’re having fascinating conversations about life, aliens, and if a saxophone has anything to do with a rotary dial phone. On the other hand, however, this rush of thoughts can become chaotic and overwhelming in inexperienced cannabis minds and/or people with conditions that predispose them to mental loops. Caution is advised.

The body high translates to chronic pain relief. On the analgesic note, users report the strain helps with migraines as well.

Chemdawg’s munchies are also powerful enough to spark the appetite of almost anyone.

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