Durban Poison

Durban Poison

Type: Sativa

Ancestry: South African port city of Durban

THC Contents: 17.5% on average, ranging between 15% and 25%

Terpenes: terpinolene, myrcene, ocimene

Appearance: Medium to large, dense buds, abundant in large resin glands, which makes the strain perfect for making hash and other concentrates. Its texture is very sticky, courtesy of its thick, white trichome coating. Its flowers are foresty green, interlaced with orange pistils.

Aroma: Pungent, danky, skanky upon breaking up the flowers, pretty much the quintessential aroma we’ve come to associate weed with. There’re also hints of licorice.

Recreational Effects

As a true sativa, Durban Poison is like a rush of both physical and mental energy, a jolt into an altered state of mind in which you feel more sociable and chatty and all your heightened senses are more responsive to your surroundings. In that sense, this is the quintessential daytime strain, with some users ticking off a lot of items on their to-do list with its help. Or, if you’re the type to consume cannabis strictly recreationally, with no productivity aspirations, Durban Poison can be like a magnifying glass or a bird’s eye view, enhancing the details, nuances, and patterns of movies and other forms of art. In the same vein, many consumers also use this strain to get their own creative juices flowing.

Medicinal Effects

From a medical standpoint, Durban Poison can only provide relief from mental issues rather than physical ones through its mood-enhancing properties and ability to fully submerge you into the wondrous bubbles of your favourite hobbies.

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