Type: 70:30 sativa:indica

Ancestry: Cinderella 99 and a unknown bespoke sativa, bred specifically for its grapefruit profile

THC Levels: 20% on average, but can reach up to 25%

Terpenes: caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene

Aroma and Taste: Grapefruit isn’t a metaphor – this strain really does carry the distinctively bitter, tart smell and taste of the divisive fruit. There are also hints of other citrus fruits and earth.

Appearance: cone- or spade-shaped buds with fluffy calyxes, with light green flowers that may sometimes have purple tinges.

Trivia: Grapefruit more often refers to the phenotype by Nectar Seeds, since there’s another by B.C.

Recreational Effects

Grapefruit is hailed as one of truest “wake and bake” strains, but due to its potency, moderation is particularly crucial for hitting the sweet spot, even more than it is when getting high before you’ve even had your coffee. Grapefruit’s effects are fairly predictable and straightforward, but if anything can thrust them in an unexpected (and generally wrong) direction, it’s excessive quantities.

A classic sativa-dominant hybrid, and perhaps also in the spirit of this invigorating fruit, Grapefruit helps you hit the ground running. This strain imbues the morning ritual with excitement for the day ahead and appreciation for its gifts. It’s lovely for outdoor activities that let you soak up nature’s multiform beauty, such as hiking, biking, surfing, etc. Even on a more trivial note, it’s great ticking off mundane chores like cleaning. Simply put, Grapefruit breathes a go-getter’s attitude into you through a balanced blend of exhilaration and focus, and what you channel it into is up to you. Some users love playing video games under the Grapefruit influence as it makes their mind fire on all cylinders.

Creative people can also immerse themselves into their ideas with Grapefruit’s help for hours on end.

Grapefruit’s energizing properties spread to the bodies, too, providing a sense of lightness and comfort and loosening up the muscles. The body high is great for working out, especially outdoors.

Medicinal Benefits

Grapefruit can provide temporary respite and/or distraction from mental disorders that are otherwise always looming large, like depression, anxiety, etc. as it makes both the mind and the outside world brighter and more exciting. Through its all-around invigorating effects and carpe diem spirit, this strain can help people snap out of lethargy, chronic fatigue, and burnout.

While it can alleviate some mild pain and muscle soreness, pain relief is not Grapefruit’s calling card.


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