THC-O Acetate

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What is THC-O Acetate?

THC O is another cannabinoid synthetically derived from hemp, just like THC, CBD, CBG etc. THCO is created in a lab and requires experienced individuals who understand volatile compounds. THCO is known as an analog, meaning it is very similar to THC but with one minor change in the molecular structure. The difference in the two is the Acetate, which actually makes the THC stronger.

Is THC-O the same thing as ATHC?


Does THC-O get me high?

THCO will get you VERY high, in fact, THCO can be 300x stronger than THC.

How long does THC-O stay in my system?

THCO will stay in your system just as long as THC or longer.

Will THC-O make me fail a drug test? 


How do you make THC-O?

You should not even be asking this question…

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