CEO & Co-Founder

Marc has been a cannabis cultivator of 25+ years and oversees the breeding and cultivar selection for the Diesel Hemp™ line. Hegrew up in south Florida where he cultivated his first cannabis plant at the age of 15. He went to the University of Florida where he graduated with a business degree and exceled at his indoor cannabis growing skills. After some additional years of growing in South Florida and finishing his MBA at Florida Atlantic University, he moved to North Carolina to develop real estate and further develop his cannabis growing experience and property aquisition. Marc then moved to Arizona and started a publicly traded medical marijuana real estate investment trust, Zoned Properties. After a few years he relocated to southern Colorado and started Los Suenos, a large outdoor cannabis farm. At that time, he learned about hemp and large-scale outdoor cultivation. It was after that he started CBDRx, the first cannabis company to obtain a USDA organic certification for their hemp. After CBDRx, came HempMy Pet™, Colorado CBD Seed,™ and Diesel Hemp™ all which he is currently CEO of and Co-Founder of with his business partner, Natalie Mondine.

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