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Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry

Type: indica-leaning hybrid

Ancestry: Goji OG, Raspberry F2, and Wookie 15

Creators: Bodhi Seeds

THC Levels: up to 24%

Terpenes: pinene, caryophyllene

Aroma and Taste: A tantalizing scent of spicy raspberries, with notes of earth and herbs and hints of lavender. The taste is pretty much more of the same, minus the lavender.

Appearance: Small, compact, almost cute buds,  mostly round, although they also come in cone, spade, and even anchor shapes; light-green, curled-up flowers, thick copper pistils, and generous trichome frosting.

Recreational Effects

Black Raspberry is a very well-balanced and versatile strain, and even though it’s meant to lean on the indica side, you could say it’s the sativa of indicas. A lot of users even enjoy it during the day and use it as a productivity booster – experienced users that is, who know usually less is more with strains as potent as this one.

The rush of euphoria is almost as instant as the toke itself. You inhale the good, exhale the bad. Worries, negativity, it all dissipates in floating, jolly raspberry clouds that come in shapes limited only by your imagination. Black Raspberry is a great strain for creatives, especially since it doesn’t just get the creative juices flowing, but channels them productively trough a prolonged sense of focus. This strain also lends itself nicely to social gatherings, loosening people up and creating a trampoline for conversations to hop over the small-talk barrier. In that spirit, brainstorming sessions or podcasts can be a thing of beauty with Black Raspberry.

All these effects tend to be more akin to sativa-dominant strains, so their prominent expression here is a testament to Black Raspberry’s versatility and well-roundedness.

Its indica side naturally takes over once the euphoria starts mellowing out. The plateau feels like a relaxing field where you can just lay down and let your body melt away while you watch movies, read, eat your ass off, and just be blissful and at peace.

Medicinal Benefits

The medicinal realm is arguably where Black Raspberry’s indica genetics shine through the brightest, making this strain the best of both, or rather all, worlds – indica and sativa, recreational and medicinal.

The rush of glee and happiness is clearly a powerful force to battle mental disorders like depression and anxiety with, as is the influx of ideas, be it more of a temporary distraction.

The body high, fueled by the high THC levels, is definitely powerful enough to alleviate significant body pain, muscle soreness, inflammation, migraines, etc. Furthermore, nausea relief is one of Black Raspberry’s most cited therapeutic benefits.

The munchies are also strong, as is usually the case with such tasty, tart strains that tickle the senses, which can help remedy a clinical loss of appetite.


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