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Decoding: Hemp Flower, CBD Flower, and Beyond

Decoding: Hemp Flower, CBD Flower, and Beyond

Navigating the world of cannabis can be a bit perplexing, to say the least. It’s a realm filled with terms like hemp, CBD flower, marijuana, THCA flower, pot, and reefer. However, what might surprise you is that all these terms essentially fall under the cannabis umbrella. The real difference lies in the level of delta 9 THC, with hemp containing less than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

To save myself from repeatedly explaining this distinction, I’ve begun categorizing cannabis as either “high THC cannabis” or “low THC cannabis.” Sometimes, words alone can’t convey the complexities of this industry.

CBD Flower is CBDA Flower?

Now, let’s dive into the amusing quirk of the cannabis market – nothing seems to make perfect sense! Recently, I wrote a blog about THCA flower, which is essentially “weed” but could arguably be classified as hemp. And now, here I am, writing an article about CBD flower, which isn’t really CBD flower, but rather CBDA flower.

What’s the rationale behind this argument, you ask? Well, it all boils down to the fact that a significant portion of Delta 9 THC in THCA flower remains unconverted and exists as THCA. If you recall, most cannabinoids retain their acidic form (denoted by the ‘A’ attached) until you decarboxylate them or, in simpler terms, smoke them or heat them. So, if cannabinoids remain acidic until decarboxylation, why don’t we refer to CBD flower as CBDA flower, just as we do with THCA flower?

It’s a valid question. I’m fairly certain that if there were regulations governing CBD flower, and one could skirt these rules by labeling it as CBDA flower, everyone would be doing just that. The difference between CBDA and CBD is substantial, much like the contrast between THCA and THC. However, for some reason, the cannabis market seems content with being a bit muddled.

Can I Get What I Asked For?

Imagine walking into a coffee shop and ordering a coffee, only to receive tea instead. You’d be understandably irritated. Likewise, if you sought a CBD product for medicinal purposes and ended up with a CBDA product, you’d probably be quite frustrated.

Let’s throw one more ambiguous term into the mix – Hemp Flower. If THCA flower can be considered hemp flower, and the same goes for CBD flower, CBG flower, and even THCV flower, despite some of these causing quite a high, would you simply buy “hemp flower” and take your chances? It’s literally pot luck.


In conclusion, the cannabis market is undoubtedly a curious one, where terminology often defies logic. Perhaps in time, we’ll see more clarity and consistency, but for now, it remains a fascinating and sometimes bewildering world to explore.

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