THCA Live Rosin

The Liquid Gold of Cannabis Concentrates.

No Solvents (“Solventless”). No Pressure. LOW Heat. Flowers are frozen immediately during harvest and then extracted while frozen. The terpene content on this small batch Live Rosin is truly unbelievable and makes dabbing this highly sought after cannabis concentrate a most enjoyable experience. Contains ≤ .3% THC and is high in THCA.


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THCA Live Rosin is probably the highest quality cannabis extract you can consume; it is also still fairly rare these days as it’s an expensive and time-consuming process. One reason Live Rosin is such a high-quality extract and is highly sought after, is that THCA Live Rosin is a “solventless extract” meaning no solvents were used to extract it. It is also derived from fresh frozen cannabis flower which preserves all the terpenes. Additionally, low heat and no pressure is used during extraction, which also preserves the delicate terpenes and other active constituents in the oil.

In most cases, Live Rosin is considered more of a unique and small batch process. To make THCA Live Rosin the cannabis plant flowers are first harvested and immediately frozen fresh (“fresh frozen”). Then the flowers are “washed” which is a step where only Reverse Osmosis (RO) water and ice are used. Washing THCA Live Rosin is done by putting the fresh frozen flowers into bubble hash bags in a container of freezing water. The flower is stirred to knock the trichomes off the flower and they are collected at the bottom of the bubble hash bags. The bags have different micron screens to filter out any other unwanted materials and make a highly pure concentrate.

THCA Live Rosin needs to be dabbed or vaporized which have much higher temperatures than smoking with a standard lighter. Different strains of Live Rosin will have different “best” heating temperatures, but the standard temperature is around 450 degrees F.

In short, yes, vaping or dabbing THCA live rosin will produce an elevated feeling also known as a “high”. The THCA in the live rosin only converts to THC when it is heated which is called decarboxylation.

It is very possible that you may fail a drug test if you consume THCA Live Rosin. Please educate yourself on this topic, as we are not responsible for failed drugs tests and there are many factors to consider. If you get drug tested for any reason, don’t chance a positive (failed) test.

NO THC Live Rosin is not the same thing as THCA Live Resin (except for the fact that they do both use fresh frozen flower). No solvents are used to extract Live Rosin, whereas hydrocarbons are used to extract Live Resin.

THCA Live Rosin is different than THCA Live Resin because Live Rosin is extracted using only ice and water (solventless) and pressed using a low amount of heat and THCA Live Resin is extracted using hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbon extraction has multiple post processing steps. One step is the removal of residual solvents, which is the solvent used to extract the oil.

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