Igniting The Resurgence Of The OG.



Diesel Hemp™ was born out of true passion for the Cannabis plant and what we know it to be truly capable of.

With over 30 years collectively in the Cannabis space, Marc’s cultivation and business background combined with Natalie’s herbal dietary supplement and formulation background, brings a new take on the Cannabis experience.


Having years of experience in the Hemp industry since it’s inception in Colorado, and being dissatisfied with the quality of products that are flooding this industry, we choose to start this company without any investors so that we could truly go after our vision without any interference or red tape. We have a team of professional growers, extractors, formulators and processors that take quality and consistency very seriously.

The mission

The mission of Diesel Hemp™ is to share our passion through the boutique, high-end products that we produce ourselves. Our Cultivar-specific product line derived from our in-house bred and grown, proprietary cultivars are truly unique and rare. Our products are NOT made by someone else, our Hemp is NOT bred, grown or produced by anyone else, as we are truly a vertically integrated company, with 100% control over our supply and quality.


Integrity is paramount to us, and it is reflected in each product and the way we choose to do things everyday. Our hope is that you experience the curated and purposeful intention as the passion seeps out of each product. Enjoy.

Marc and Natalie, Founders of Diesel Hemp™


Our Team

A passion for new wave hemp products, ignited by the OG strain, Abacus Diesel.

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