Natalie, originally from Pittsburgh, PA has lived out west for almost 20 years. 

With deep roots in the natural products industry, Natalie has studied herbal medicine for over 15 years, 5 of them in the Hemp industry. She has built, managed, and directed production labs. created dietary supplements, herbal formulas, and has brought 8 product lines to market. 

Natalie is the Co-Founder of HempMy Pet™. and specializes in Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Natalie is responsible for obtaining the first USDA organic certification for a Hemp crop in the US in 2015 (for a company which Marc was the founder of and she was Director of Quality Assurance).

Natalie’s intense love and knowledge of plants and herbal medicine have led her to create the Diesel Hemp™ vision and product line that promises to be a new and invigorating take on Hemp products.

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