OG Kush

OG Kush

Type: 55:45 sativa:indica

Ancestry: Chemdawg (that has been disputed) and Hindu Kush

Creators: Famous grower Matt “Bubba” Berger first created it, then carried it from Florida to Los Angeles in 1996 and passed the torch to legend cultivator Josh D., who cemented its place in cannabis mainstream.

THC Levels: 20-27%

Terpenes: myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, pine

Appearance: medium-to-large, dense, yellowish-green, very sticky buds, courtesy of the generous white trichome coating, respectively courtesy of the high THC count. Some phenotypes can manifest purple hues if the pigments have been unlocked by cold weather during cultivation.

Aroma and Taste: OG Kush is like forest hug of pine, wood, and earth, with strong citrus undertones. The harsh smoke will likely make you cough.  

Trivia: OG, as you may know, stands for original gangster, and OG Kush certainly deserves this title, as it has become the genetic foundation of many West Coast staples, including GSC and Headband.

Recreational Effects

Being just off the 50:50 mark and packing such a solid THC punch, OG Kush is not just a true intersection of the best of both the sativa and indica world, but it’s almost like two vastly different cannabis strains within a single, coherent, complete cannabis experience.

Of course, the sativa side always comes first, and the first impression of OG Kush is reminiscent of the person who is the life of the party without occupying the spotlight or dictating the energy. On the contrary, OG Kush is, in Bruce Lee’s metaphor, like water, ever-fluid, taking the shape, so to speak, of its surroundings and amplifying them. It makes conversations and social events livelier and buzzier, video games and other art and entertainment more engrossing, turns giggles into belly laughs, and can even help you make good on a workout promise (during the sativa stage). In that spirit, while the initial rush of euphoria is strong, the divergent thoughts that usually accompany this state aren’t as racing and potentially disorienting as they can sometimes be in sativa-heavier hybrids.

With that being said, keep in mind that the indica side doesn’t stay too far behind, so this potent strain is better suited for relatively mellower gatherings and/or rather than full-on parties. After a while, the euphoria morphs into a calmer sense of bliss and joy, and after a while longer, a sedated , floaty couch-lock sets in, and it’s popcorn (and lots of other treats) and movie (or video and board games, etc) time, if you don’t fall asleep mid-way through.

Medicinal Benefits

OG Kush is considered one of the most medically versatile strains.

The combination between euphoria and relaxation helps people not only find respite from negative thoughts, but also open up to others; the body high, powered by the high THC count, can numb strong chronic pain and alleviates soreness, inflammation, and neuropathic discomfort; perhaps most of all though, especially in higher doses, OG Kush is a powerful sleep aid.

Keep in mind, however, that due to OG Kush’s potency, higher doses can backfire and stir the high toward anxiety and paranoia.

What does OG mean?

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