Type: a very indica-dominant hybrid

Ancestry: OG Kush, Master Kush, and Sour Diesel

Creators: This is a contentious subject. According to some sources, it’s the work of Colorado-based breeders Reserva Privada, who are behind staples like Strawberry Banana and Kandy Krush. However, according to DNA Genetics from cannabis Mecca Humboldt County, a.k.a. Emerald Triangle, California, Headband stems from 707, a classic strain, whose genetics they replicated.

THC Content: 20-27%

Terpenes: limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene

Appearance: The high THC levels come out visually in the form of thick, crystal-like trichome coating that makes the dense buds very sticky, making them hard to break up without a grinder and great for making hash. Buds have less than average orange pistils, are generally light to forest green, although colder growing temperatures during the vegetative stages can bring out purple hues.

Aroma and Taste: Pronouncedly citrus and tangy flavor and scent, with some hints of pine and a general skunky undertone.

Trivia: Headband is named after the headband of pressure around the temple the strain creates as it dilates blood vessels, courtesy of its high THC content.

Recreational Effects

Headband is the quintessential indica, a stress off-switch, letting you exhale all your worries away into a stoney oblivion. In every sense, this strain is meant for evenings and/or off-day relaxation.

The onset of the effects is slow, sometimes taking up to 20 minutes. From the get-go, Headband starts weighing your body down on the couch, almost as everything from the neck down becomes an entity of its own. Meanwhile, the mind floats amidst a stress-free, abstract fogginess. The spacey cerebral effects, coupled with the heavy, full-body high, can create a seeming sense of separation between mind and body that can feel almost psychedelic.

While most likely you’ll be too stoned to engage in overly demanding mental activity, Headband can leave some room for general creative thinking. However, what this strain is best for is laying back on the couch, with your favorite snacks in hand, and enjoying some sweet me-time with some movies, music, etc, as the high gradually morphs into sedation, and eventually sleep.

Medicinal Benefits

Headband is one of the most versatile strains from a strictly medical standpoint.

For one, Headband’s cerebral effects translate into powerful anxiolytic properties that can go a long way in helping people who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety. Of course, considering the high THC levels, moderation is key.

Furthermore, the strain’s sedative nature is a great aid for insomniacs.

Last but not least, the body high provides relief from muscle tension, soreness, chronic pain, etc.

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