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Golden Goat

Golden Goat

Type: 65:35 sativa:indica

Ancestry: Hawaiian-Romanian hybrid and Island Sweet Skunk

THC Content: 16-23%

CBD Content: 1%

Terpenes: terpinolene, humulene, caryophyllene, pinene

Appearance: Golden Goat is known for its prominent, abundant pistils that are pink to even red in color, standing out against the green backdrop of the leaves and the snowy to distinctively amber, thick trichome coating; very resinous and sticky.

Aroma and Taste: Golden Goat is a sweet and sour tropical cocktail with hints of earth and spice and an underlying citrus quality to it. Some report mango notes as well. The aroma leans more on the citrus side while the taste is where the tropical side, courtesy of the Hawaiian’s genetics, shines through. Some love Golden Goat’s aroma and flavor while others find the combination unnatural.

Trivia: There are two theories behind Golden Goat’s name. One suggests the golden comes from the amber-colored trichomes that this strain often sports, whereas the other has it that it’s the “goat” refers to the taste, strangely enough.

Furthermore, this strain came to be by accident, when a male Hawaiian-Romanian hybrid Casanova pollinated a female Island Sweet Skunk in Kansas.

Recreational Effects

Golden Goat is reminiscent of that laid-back friend who has borderline magical powers to get you feeling better without fail with nothing more than a talk and a walk. It’s no wonder that it’s hailed by many cannabis lovers as one of the most balanced hybrids. This must be at least partially credit to the THC:CBD ratio and more specifically the high CBD count, mellowing the rich THC content. This is also why Golden Goat generally works both as a day- and night-time strain, however, it does lean on the sativa side, so day-time use is preferable.

This organically positive experience holds up from beginning to end. It kicks in slowly and gradually, seamlessly lifting you up and up, and before you know it, your worries and negative emotions have become water under the bridge, replaced by a mental buzz and deep sense of joy.

During its initial sativa stage, Golden Goat enhances your sensory perceptions, and respectively your surroundings, turning you into a dog on a car ride. In that sense, this strain the perfect hiking companion, a borderline tour guide, providing new context to otherwise well-known sights and pointing out details that may have gone previously overlooked.

These qualities also lend themselves perfectly to social gatherings, brainstorming sessions, and other fun and mentally stimulating activities. Socially anxious people can benefit a lot in that regard.

As the indica genetics start to gently come to the fore, the euphoria will gradually give way to relaxation and peace, but not sedated couch-lock, unless the consumed quantities command it. Perfect time for a movie or a video game, or perhaps even work.

Many users report some aphrodisiac effects as well.

Medicinal Benefits

People with depression and other mental conditions, characterized by stress and/or low spirits can benefit tremendously from the deep sense of happiness, bliss, and relaxation that Golden Goat induces. The altered sensory perceptions are a great form of distraction from anxiety as well.

This strain can also turn you into a hungry goat, even if you suffer from a lack of appetite.

Anecdotal evidence points to some analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, which is no surprise, considering the high THC and CBD levels.

Speaking of high CBD levels, Golden Goat has over 1% CBD, which is a serious and versatile medical credential in itself.

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