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Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk Strain

Type: 60:40 sativa:inidca

Ancestry: Lemon Skunk is a cross between two Skunk unspecified phenotypes. According to a widespread theory, its parents are Skunk #1 and Dutch Citron Skunk

Creators: DNA Genetics

THC Content: 17-22%

CBD Content: Up to 1%

Terpenes: limonene, terpinolene, caryophyllene

Appearance: cone-shaped, dense, yellowish to light green buds, with orange pistils and a glistening trichome coating

Aroma and Taste: Lemon Skunk is an all-around lemon and citrus delight, renowned for its invigorating, sweet and sour, creamy taste and smell, which is made all-the-richer by some earthy and skunky notes. However, the skunk is like a nice spice, with lemon being the star of the show.

Trivia: Parent of Super Lemon Haze

Awards: 1st place winner of Indoor Hydro Spannabis 2008 Cup; 1st place at the 2007 Outdoor Highlife Cup; A Lemon Skunk variety by Green House won 3rd place for indica at the 2008 420 IC Growers Cup


Recreational Effects

Many cannabis lovers feel like they can’t really go wrong with a strain that has “lemon” in its name, and judging by Lemon Skunk, they are right. Lemon Skunk is one of the most universal strains you could ask for, an instant escape from the funk.

In the spirit of sativa’s best practices, Lemon Skunk uplifts you instantly, yet gently, like a fancy elevator that causes no turbulence or disorientation like some of the harder-hitting strains that rely predominantly on brute force.

The elevated state of mind is full of buzz, relaxation, and all-around good vibes. This strain taps on your inner child’s bedroom window, asking it to come out to play, and it hardly takes no for an answer. You’ll feel carefree, joyful, giddy, giggly, with an appetite for wonder and play. It’s no wonder that creativity is one of Lemon Skunk’s trademarks.

Having a touch or two of indica, Lemon Skunk relaxes you physically more and more as time goes on without killing your mental vibe, a testament to its balanced THC:CBD ratio and genetics. The body high is nice and light, like a sense of airiness rather than a couch lock.

The all-around feeling of joy, openness, and playfulness, especially as it progressively spreads to the body, lends itself nicely in the bedroom as well.

Lemon Skunk’s works best as a “wake and bake” and afternoon strain, so you can make the most of its invigorating effects, in fact, consuming it too late might keep you up at night.

Medicinal Benefits

Stress and low spirits become a distant concept in the Lemon Skunk state, unless you overconsume, which can backfire and cause some recursive thinking and paranoia, being that this strain is on the potent side, after all. However, the chances of that happening are fairly slim because of the high amount of CBD, which generally balances THC’s effects out, not to mention it has a plethora of therapeutic benefits in itself.

The body high, while not Lemon Skunk’s A-side, still produces substantial pain relief and anti-inflammation.

This strain also makes food infinitely tastier and seemingly insufficient, even for people who suffer from a lack of appetite.



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