Inzane Diesel

One of our newest genetics which took almost two years to perfect. Inzane Diesel, a combination of Abacus Diesel and Inzane in the Membrane. One of the strongest gassy terpene profiles with dark purple flowers covered in trichomes.

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Inzane Diesel™ CBD Flower - 1 Ounce Bag

Inzane Diesel original lineage is OG Kush x Purple Urkle x Inzane in the Membrane. Inzane Diesel provides all of the gassy smells and tastes of Abacus Diesel but with an additional fuel smell that is more pungent than Abacus Diesel.

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2 reviews for Inzane Diesel™ CBD Flower – 1 Ounce Bag

  1. Gershom Reeder (verified owner)

  2. brownlol1992-1688

    Once again Diesel Hemp is setting the Standard in the Hemp Industry after there Acubus Diesel i didn’t possibly think they could ever make a product stronger or better than that but let me tell u they have hit a homerun with this 1 it’s smokes Soo smooth it tastes exactly like it smells which is extremely gassy it’s louder than the diesel and the nugs are cured to perfection and trimmed very beautiful and the buds are super dense and compact and covered in tricombs if u like the diesel then this is a no brainier better buy as much as u can while it’s in stock because with as Dank as this is it won’t take long. Anyways thanks Diesel Hemp for another great product keep up the amazing work I’m excited to see the rest of the linup.

    • Marc Brannigan (store manager)

      Thank you. The first time we smelled the cured flower we thought something was wrong because there was so much GAS 🙂

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