AK47 Strain

Type: 65:35 sativa:indica

Ancestry: Colombian (sativa), Mexican (sativa), Thai (sativa), and Afghani (indica) landrace strains

Creators: Dutch seed bank Serious seeds

THC Levels: 15-20% on average

CBD Levels: 1-1.5%

Terpenes: caryophyllene, limonene (overall low and limited terpene content)

Appearance: bright, lime green buds with tight, curled up leaves and rust-colored pistils, all glistening with white trichomes

Aroma and Taste: very strong and sour, with earthy notes.

Trivia: According to Serious Seeds, the strain has won 27 awards, including quite a few High Times Cannabis Cups.

Recreational Effects

AK-47 may have a violent name and the potency calibre to match, but it’s a manifestation of love, peace, and all-around good vibes. Some might say this iconic strain is the MDMA of cannabis because of its deep connection to music.

AK-47’s bullets are funky tunes and mental care-free sunshine. It puts you in that movie-esque state where music becomes the perfect soundtrack, an intrinsic element of the moment, including moments that take place entirely in your imagination. And music video visions won’t be the only fruit of your elevated imagination by any means.

AK-47 really gets the creative juices flowing, but without inundating you with chaotic ideas and thoughts that are virtually impossible to capture, crystallize, and put together into something coherent and meaningful. Even as the high progresses in time, the creative spark doesn’t just go out – on the contrary, it’s almost like one of those trick birthday candles that can burn for seemingly forever in your blissful state of trance.

This strong, yet mellow mental buzz and euphoria make AK-47 perfect for walks in nature (when consumed in moderation), like a pair of rose-tinted glasses that create a state of perpetual sunset.

The only turbulent effect of AK-47 is the explosive laughter it can incite in long, rapid-fire successions.

With its solid indica element in its genetics, AK-47 provides some body relaxation as well that can even grow into a proper couch-lock deep into the long-lasting high, especially with large quantities consumed.

Medicinal Benefits

When the mind is in the midst of engrossing creative exploration and spells of glee and laughter, sombre forces and worries tend to fade away in the background. In that spirit, AK-47 can help people with anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders find spontaneous respite. With that being said, this is a potent strain, so moderation is key for such users to prevent a reverse effect like spells of paranoia.

AK-47 also provides deep relief from chronic pain and migraines.

AK-47’s mental buzz and overarching sense of promise can help users snap out of fatigue and lethargy.

Of course, AK-47’s high CBD count makes for versatile therapeutic applications in itself.




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