Cherry Diesel

Cherry Diesel Strain

Type: 50:50

Ancestry: Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel

Creators: MTG Seeds

THC Levels: 21-24% on average, however, Analytical 360, a trusted lab for cannabis testing, has measured it at 28%.

Terpenes: linalool, terpinolene, caryophyllene, humulene

Aroma and Taste: Besides the hints of pepper and earth that emanate from the buds upon breaking them up, the name says it all. Some liken the taste to cherry Cola with a dash of fuel.

Appearance: Fluffy, spade- or cone-shaped buds with forest-green leaves and bright, prominent orange pistils, all sprinkled with frosty trichomes.

Recreational Effects

As the perfectly even 50:50 ratio suggests, Cherry Diesel is an incredibly well-balanced and versatile hybrid, which makes it a safe bet for introverts and extroverts, early birds and night owls, go-getters and daydreamers alike.

Perhaps Cherry Diesel’s most defining feature is the strong, but relaxed and clear-headed euphoria (granted the consumed quantity isn’t mind-numbing in itself), which makes both social gatherings and me-time full of promise and possibilities. This combination of glee and focus works like a windmill channeling otherwise chaotic wind power. It translates into palpable motivation, backed up a charge of physical energy, which makes Cherry Diesel a great choice for working out or getting work done, especially if the work is fun and mentally stimulating.

The tingly body buzz forms a beautiful synergy with the happy and relaxed state of mind that lends itself very nicely in the bedroom as well.

As the high progresses and reaches the comedown, the physical energy gradually wears off and gives way to full-body relaxation, and something similar takes place in the mind – a gentle transition from child-like glee to more mature introspection and a deeper sense of wellbeing.

Medicinal Benefits

Such a balanced hybrid, just like a balanced state of mind, can help people with disorders like depression and anxiety, which thrust their mind toward extreme states. However, Cherry Diesel is a very potent strain with a slow onset at that, which makes it all-the-trickier and respectively moderation all-the-more important, as too much THC can catalyze these types of conditions rather than taming them, and even drag paranoia along on top of that.

Moreover, the heightened focus can improve ADD and help keep it in check.

If you’re overcome by chronic fatigue, burnout, or a good, old-fashioned laziness, Cherry Diesel can be the motivational coach to snap you out of it.

This strain’s high THC levels can alleviate chronic pain relief and migraines.

Interestingly, from a medical standpoint, one of the most commonly cited reasons for using Cherry Diesel is nausea relief. Moreover, nausea is replaced with strong munchies, which can boost appetite in people who need it (and in people who don’t).

Sometimes the Cherry Diesel is spelled Cherry Deisel strain


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