Chocolate Diesel

Chocolate Diesel Strain

Type: 100% sativa

Ancestry: Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai

THC Content: 18-23%

Terpenes: myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene

Appearance: Tightly-packed buds with circular, forest-green flowers, generously coated in silvery trichomes

Aroma and Taste: As might be expected, the diesel scent is strong with this one, with pronounced chemical notes and some pine, earthy and musky undertones. The smoke is acrid and gasoline-like, but it’s on the exhale that the hints of cocoa you’d expect from this strain come out.

Recreational Effects

Being a sativa to its bone, each puff of Chocolate Diesel is like an instant charge of all-around energy, buzz, focus, euphoria, and creativity – a well-rounded combination that funks everything up, making it a great social lubricant for all kinds of occasions, be it your typical gatherings and casual parties, brainstorming sessions, or joint explorations of the great outdoors.

It’s almost like a cup of wacky coffee that gives you strong tunnel vision, too narrow for worries and stress, with only enough space for the task at hand, whether that’s the next Great American Novel or cleaning up your house. In that and every other sense, Chocolate Diesel is a true “wake and bake” strain, and more importantly, it’s NOT to be consumed before bed or you simply won’t be doing much sleeping.

Medicinal Benefits

As you may have guessed, Chocolate Diesel is perfect for people with ADD or those simply may need a little motivation boost to plow through a mundane or even fun, but challenging task that requires prolonged focus.

The mental buzz and euphoria can help people with depression, anxiety, and/or stress enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate the wonder they can hide. However, if you are prone to anxiety or have low THC tolerance, you should be wary not to go overboard, as Chocolate Diesel may not be too potent, but its fast-acting nature can sneak up on you.

Chocolate Diesel also exhibits some anti-inflammatory effects, which of course have tons of versatile applications for pain.

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