Gelato Strain

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Type: Hybrid, perhaps leaning slightly on the indica side, but very balanced overall

Ancestry: A cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet

Creators: Sherbinksi from Cookie Fam, who are renowned cannabis breeders.

THC Contents: 14%-19% on average, but can reach up to 25% depending on phenotype.

Terpenes: caryophyllene, limonene, humulene

Appearance: This is one good-looking strain with nice, bright contrasts – foresty green flowers, woven with bright, fiery hairs and shades of purple.

Aroma: Befitting its meaning in Italian – ice-cream – this strain delights with its pungent fruitiness and all-around desserty scents. The humulene, which is found in hops, gives it a hint of dough and yeast.

Fun Fact: There are a number of variations of this strain, and the famous phenotype #33 is dubbed Larry Bird as a nod to the player’s jersey number. Phenotype Gelato 41 by Connected Cannabis is another famous one, having has won some noteworthy awards.

Recreational Effects

There’s a reason why Gelato is so universally beloved – it has it all, and better yet, it’s all very well balanced, even for a renowned hybrid. It pretty much epitomizes the ultimate cannabis experience.

On the one hand, it provides a deep, relaxing body high that’s perfect after a hard day’s work, but not deep to the point of gluing you to the couch and making your precious after hours dissipate into oblivion. On the contrary, this body high comes with an exhilarating head high to match, the type that fills you both with euphoria for the very moment you’re in and all-around positivity about life in general and your special place in it.

It’s precisely this beautiful dance between body and head high, peace and mental buzz, indica and sativa, that makes Gelato a strain you can relish both on your own and in company, exploring your own thoughts and ideas or diving in the ones of others, including those that have gone on to become riveting art and content.

Medicinal Effects

Gelato’s body high can go a long way in alleviating chronic pain, muscle soreness and spasms, and inflammation. This strain can also help with migraines.

From a mental standpoint, the deep, underlying sense of wellbeing and appreciation for life that Gelato unlocks can go a long way in treating mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Moreover, because of Gelato’s balanced and relatively mellow nature, the mental buzz is fairly unlikely to spin out of control and veer into paranoia, which people with such mental issues can be more susceptible to. Still, moderation is always the best precaution.

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