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Abacus Diesel™

Premium CBD Flower – 1 gram (Smalls)

Our Abacus Diesel™ premium hemp flower was cultivated with meticulous care to produce the best smoking experience for those looking for a different and new take on smoking cannabis. Boasting a terpene profile that is so gaseous and delicious at the same time, it’ll be easy to see why this cultivar is so cherished by us that we named our company after it. For the true diesel connoisseur.

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Abacus Diesel™ CBD Flower – 1g

Abacus Diesel™

Premium CBD Flower – 1 gram (Smalls)

The Original Abacus™ cultivar originates from Humboldt County CA, and is an OG Kush and Purple Urkle cross that was bred with Hemp in order to bring down the THC. After years of in-house breeding with our Original Abacus™ and phenotype hunting, we have finally found the gassiest of terpene aromas that we are able to bring to market as Abacus Diesel. Once you taste and smell this smokable hemp flower, you will not believe it is hemp. Experience firsthand what makes this cultivar truly unique and remarkable, and why it is the inspiration behind Diesel Hemp™.

Abacus Diesel™ is a Diesel Hemp™ proprietary cultivar developed in-house, and is only sold by Diesel Hemp™.

1g Trimmed Premium Hemp Flower (smalls) in Black tin, Sealed in a black mylar bag.

Lineage: OG Kush x Purple Urkle

Weight .0125 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × .75 in

Quality Specs


All of our proprietary cultivars are bred and produced by us, in our Greenhouses, and managed organically. We use organic growing methods and implore the use of helpful beneficial & predatory insects, living soil beds and cover crops to enhance the terpene profiles and quality of our flower. Our Hemp flower is bred and grown specifically for smokable flower, and each cultivar is meticulously chosen for its unique terpene profile.

Curing + Storage Specs

Our hemp plants are all hand harvested, dried and slow-cured in our on-site drying facility. Only the best buds are chosen, and quality inspected in small batches. All flower is cured and stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment, in order to bring out the best taste and smell in the flower and allow the terpenes to bloom. Final storage is low oxygen and no light with controlled humidity.


Black air-tight tin with screw top lid. Comes in a sealed, black mylar bag. We encourage reusing the containers and refilling with flower or other herbs, we encourage you to be creative and at the very least recycle. We chose glass and metal instead of plastic containers on purpose, as to keep down on the single-use plastic that is so common with cannabis products.

Legality + Compliance

We are Federal and State legal. According to the 2018 Federal Farm Bill 7606, Hemp is federally legal if it contains 0.3% or less of delta-9 THC (which all of our hemp flower does). All of our Hemp is grown under Colorado state laws and regulations. If ordering outside of Colorado, please familiarize yourself with your state law’s before purchasing.

Third Party Lab Tested

We test our smokable flower for potency, terpene content, mold and microbial content and heavy metals. Other tests are available upon request, please reach out directly for tests not posted in product description.

This product is not FDA approved. For adult-use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult medical practitioner before use. Do not use is pregnant or lactating. Do not use if taking medications or have any medical conditions. Be Safe.

Shipping + Return Policy

All sales are final. We ship all orders via USPS to maintain compliance, with accompanying documentation.

Tasting Notes

Pungent fuel and burnt rubber with savoury tones of garlic and onions.

Umami goodness, sweet, sour, savoury, tangy, makes you want to stick it in your gas mask and keep inhaling all day long. Potent and gaseous in the most deliciously unusual way.

One of the strongest gas / diesel smells that hits you in the face when you open the jar. Then, like a fine wine, it opens up and you get a wild array of earthy tones with a touch of sweetness in the end.


Abacus Diesel™

Dominant Terpenes:

  • Linalool: Calming, Uplifting, Mood Support, Relaxation
  • LimoneneCalming, Mood Support, Uplifting
  • beta-caryophyllene: Calming, Mind + Body Relaxation, Joint + Mobility Support, Ease Discomfort
  • beta-myrceneCalming, Mood Support, Mood Support, Relaxing

254 reviews for Abacus Diesel™ CBD Flower – 1g

  1. Frederick Jones (Verified Buyer)

    Always a great smoke it’s very dense and terpy like most the strains they produce honestly the name says it all it has this very loud ⛽ and lemon 🍋 smell and it tastes exactly like it smells honestly this and Inzane are my favorite.

  2. Travis Chellew (Verified Buyer)

    Was good but it was a tiny black jar that had about 8 or so smaller than popcorn buds. That’s that.

  3. Noelia Cruz

    Got abacus diesel free sample, from a promo they were running and I loved it! I find it to be uplifting and calming but energizing or at least more easier to focus and stay motivated. So perfect for daytime use for me personally. Perfect mixed with other smokeable herbs mixes I use like chamomile and spearmint. Was the first CBD flower I ever got online and I’m glad it was with hemp diesel!

  4. John C. (Verified Buyer)

  5. Rodney D. (Verified Buyer)

    Helps with pain from ms and glaucoma, glad I found diesel hemp!

  6. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Great product

  7. Kenneth (Verified Buyer)

    Smooth and tasty! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  8. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

  9. carmen limon (Verified Buyer)

  10. Don B. (Verified Buyer)

    Best hemp I’ve smoked ! Loud OG , Diesel smell.

  11. ashlie b. (Verified Buyer)

    Love it! Smells good and works like a charm for my migraines and back pain. Discreet packaging as well!

  12. Miguel U. (Verified Buyer)

  13. ordaeginia (Verified Buyer)

    I’ve ordered a couple times and always great! Will order more!

  14. Sue K. (Verified Buyer)

    he really liked this, he did the same as above as a tea

  15. Ang Fisher (Verified Buyer)

  16. Cristina Correa (Verified Buyer)

    Great, amazing!

  17. ordaeginia hill

    Really great product. Great sealed package, love the smell, and it’s the best I’ve tried thus far.

  18. Cristina C. (Verified Buyer)

    Amazing! So good

  19. Patrick Smith




  21. Sophia

    I really enjoyed my sample

  22. Renee C.

    I’m really enjoying this flower I’m impressed that it’s hemp. It gives an awesome euphoria and really takes anxiety down and knocks the heck out of pain. I’m loving it ??

  23. Anonymous

    Smelled good, not potent

  24. Teresa

    Loved it was a great product

  25. Sonia Graca

  26. Teri H.

    i loved it! the smell tho! then smoking it was great! thank you so much!

  27. Valerie Galvan

    I was able to try this Cbd flower and wow! It came packaged super discreet and packaged perfectly. High quality and helped with pain and all over calmness over my body. It smelled so lovely and lasted benefits for hours for me. I would highly recommend this brand and formula.

  28. Tammy Johnson

    I love the smell and the taste. Just love this product.

  29. Yessica Torales

    So good and relaxing, my favorite. Thanks!

  30. Luvly S.

    I never received mines i been waiting for over 3 weeks

  31. Miranda B.

    It was really good .thanks for letting me try it definitely will be getting more

  32. Tamara Drew

    I loved it good smell mellow smoke and really helped my pain!! I will be purchasing again!!

  33. Anonymous


  34. Anonymous

  35. Millie Aviles

    Item arrived packaged so perfect! The beautiful Aroma is amazing!
    I smoked it due to fribromyelgia and anxiety. My pain was gone, my anxiety? Gone! It didn’t give me that sedated feeling. Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you. I already placed my First order. You guys are awesome!

  36. Anonymous

  37. Anonymous

  38. Kevin Rossignol

    I never received the product, I sent you a message. Right after I ordered that my address was off by 1 number

  39. Jackie r.

    Loved it. Very calming n relaxing feeling

  40. Andrea M.

    Loved it!!!

  41. Anonymous

    Great product

  42. Kayla

  43. Brittany racey

    My experience was wonderful. I am still waiting for the my package.

  44. Anonymous

    Great product!!

  45. Anonymous

    Need more thc, sorry!

  46. Kristian C.

    Omg this was some of the best hemp I’ve used thus far i will definitely be recommending you to friends

  47. Courtnie Comfort

    I love it!

  48. Kerionn Benn

    Smooth, Good Quality

  49. Val

    Perfect taste and smell thanks so much!!

  50. Angela Kubik (Verified Buyer)

    This is the first time I have used hemp. The buds looked great. The smell was fantastic smelled better than the weed i have. Taste great. Like the smoke. Made me feel good. Am very happy look forward to purchasing more of the abacus diesel.
    Thank you for a awesome product.

  51. Katherine Mendez

    Awesome great quality

  52. Monica Burleson

    Great product! Arrived quickly. Helps with aches and pains and sleeping, for me. I will be making an order soon! I would recommend to anyone!

  53. Tanya

    Very nice. Easy on the throat. Very calming without the high. Really good cbd

  54. Ericka

    This is a amazing product. I would definitely would recommend this product to anyone.

  55. Angie S.

    Very nice product!

  56. kathryn b.

    i was really pleased with this product

  57. Anonymous

    It smells and taste so great i love it i would definitely recommend buying this hemp it helps with pain and i sleep so good forsure a 5 start from me

  58. Jennifer

    Nice smooth hit tastes great and works like a charm!


    Great ptoduct

  60. Faatimah W.

    When I received the product, I actually forgot that I was receiving it. When I tried the product, it had a nice taste to it and it smelled very real. The description was VERY accurate and I can’t wait to try more.

  61. Quiana T.

  62. Nicole

  63. Cassandra Rivers

    ?? This was the best I’ve tried by far! I was very skeptical trying Abacus Diesel CBD Flower. But I’m very glad I did! Since I inhale most of my cbd products I’m used to my brand. But i will definitely purchase more Abucus Diesel.

  64. Charlie G.

    Pretty good change of pace.. Good smell.. great taste.. All in all.. Totally happy!!!

  65. Betsy

    It smelled good taste good

  66. Tara B.

    Earthy and ? great quality

  67. Chris B.

    This stuff is just like the real thing,all the way to the strong smell,to the taste when smoking. The CBD flower is a great way to experience a new way to get cbd with all the benefits. Great product.

  68. Alysia T.

    I got this for my boyfriend to try. He can’t handle the thc version anymore but thought this would help with his stress. It didn’t do anything. 🙁 he was not impressed. I felt no different in my mood or pain either. Had an amazing scent though. I hope this works out for others.

  69. Anonymous

    Far exceeded my expectations! I am super pleased and love that they let you sample it first. I will be a returning customer for a long time.

  70. Lourdes Pineda

    Very good in my opinion I love the smell & taste as well

  71. James D.

  72. Anonymous

    Smells Delicious. Clean Smoke. Nice grade.. Loved It…

  73. Tiffani

    Smelled great smoked good

  74. Mike A.

    Great smell and flavor.

  75. Marchelle B.

    Love this stuff! All you need is a little bit for an inexperienced person like myself. I used and I slept like a baby The whole night. Which is not the usual for me I usually wake up many times a night. It also helped with my back pain as well.

  76. Dora h.

    Very good

  77. Jason York

    Very impressive! Great taste, smell etc. Long lasting quality effects too!

  78. Jennifer

    Calming. Good flavor. Shipped in a great little container. Arrived quickly.

  79. Valerie Moore

  80. Misty L.

    Smells really good. Good product.

  81. Amanda R.

    Absolutely amazed at how good this smelled . Helps a ton with my anxiety and relaxes tension in my neck & shoulders. Highly recommend.

  82. Anna

    This was a really great product! Would purchase again! Thank you!

  83. Anonymous

    First time with CBD flower; a different feel but a welcome one. Combusts much smoother than other flower and the flavor here was prominent. Used a glass GRAV taster to try out, and will be trying some combined mixes as well. It you’ve never tried CBD flower, give it a shot!

  84. Anonymous

    High Quality 🙂

  85. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Didn’t do nothing for me…I thought it was some GAS like advertised.. I’m disappointed

  86. Atoyia Orders

    it had a very calming effect and it helped relieve alot of my pain and helped me sleep

  87. Alia

    Surprised at how good this is.Best I’ve had and trust me had many. Definitely a repeat customer

  88. Josie G.

    It was good but very dry and brittle. A little stale.

  89. Anonymous

    An amazing product came quickly and let me tell you it was good

  90. Dominic B.

    This is the it was soo smooth and calming! Must buy this!

  91. Monica Nailling

    I really like it. Still using it as of now. I mixed it in with my regular weed and it helps me sleep. The smell through me off cause it really smelled like weed. I love it.

  92. Stuart R.

    Absolutely top-notch product. Just the scent when I opened it up blew my mind. Abacus Diesel smokes smoothly and the CBD content is perfect! Great stuff all the way!

  93. Charles H.

    Tasted ok, looked great, smelled great, but really didn’t feel anything positive. Strength is not strong i even smoked the whole gram.

  94. Tammy M.

    Sure helped with all my stress… Had a great smell to it!!

  95. Georgia Barrera

    Quality of this product is AMAZING. It made a lot of my back pain subside.

  96. Cherokee Meek

    Very pleasant scented and soothing.

  97. Kelly mcmackin

    I loved it. It worked really good

  98. Veronica Fisher

    Omg this is such a great pain meds.

  99. Tonya Hughell

  100. Anonymous

  101. Brandy

    It was amazing I want more

  102. Anonymous

    It’s The Best Weed I Ever Had ?

  103. Melanie Harrington

    I absolutely loved it and will be buying more! Thank you!!!

  104. Chillinois

    I wasn’t sure if the free offer of Abacus Diesel was real or not but I went with it. It turns out that this is real! I was surprised when I received the hemp in the mail 12 days after my request. The hemp arrived in a compostable black resin mailer. Upon opening the bag, I was hit with the beautiful terpene scent that smelled more like, y’know, than hemp. I haven’t tried it yet because I need to purchase new apparatus but am looking forward to doing so, and becoming a customer.

  105. Kristine

    Taste great, very relaxing

  106. Anonymous

    It was very smooth tasting. Loved it!

  107. Anonymous

  108. Linda B.

    This product really relaxed me. At first you feel it in your head but quickly you feel your whole body relax. I gave it 4 stars because I didn’t think what I felt from it lasted long enough but that might be the normal because I am new to this. I was pleased it stopped my mind from overthinking problems for a while. I have depression and anxiety and while smoking this it does seem to effect some of my symptoms in a positive way.

  109. Lara M.

    I was very relaxed and happy with your product. It was smooth and enjoyable to smoke.

  110. Christy B.

    I found great relief in Diesel hemp, absolutely loved it. If you haven’t given it a try I totally recommend you do!

  111. Anonymous

    Excelent.. I like CBD

  112. chris phillips

    This is one of the best products I have ever smoked. I give it a 10 on a scale of one to five..

  113. Jennifer T.

    Very mellow and relaxing. No harsh coughing either.

  114. Kansas G.

  115. Elijah

    Wonderful Stuff. First order!

  116. Debora thomas

    I gave the sample to my neighbor who loves it said it’s too quality

  117. Cassandra P.

    I love it!!!

  118. Dorian D.

    This stuff is the best! Instant relief of anxiety!

  119. Anonymous

    I tried Hemp flower over the weekend and I was a bit skeptical because of the smell, but decided to give it a try anyways. I absolutely love it. It’s not too strong and didn’t have me feeling weird. It calmed me down and helped me to relax!

  120. Vicki Collins

    I’ve been working so hard lately,actually haven’t been able to sit down with try it.resend this in a week.thank you from one busy nurse

  121. Natasha

    This was my first try with help flower, and as a medical marijuana patient, I have to say I really enjoyed it. It greatly helped with my aniexty.

  122. Anonymous

    Smell was real-like and was good ,effects not there

  123. Laneasha M.

    never got it

  124. Rachel

    Amazing product!!!! As we speak im looking at this and other products you have to purchase!! Thank you guys keep doing what your doing!!

  125. Anonymous

    Great taste, but not super effective

  126. Kierra S.

    This was such a amazing product and by far the best hemp I have ever had I would most definitely recommend this hemp and y’all website to anyone that’s looking to buy it also it had such an amazing smell to it too

  127. Cj

    It was wonderful

  128. Sydnie

    I enjoyed this product. Just what I needed to trick my brain into thinking it was the real deal. Made me feel really good. I would purchase again!

  129. Sean T.

    Ok first of all nice good size sample I received it came in a stealth package but when I opened the coniner the beautiful citrusy smell came pouring out I was totally surprised that this hemp had that nice aroma no joke the smoke was very decent but me in a nice chill mood ?? ?? definitely was not believing but yes they did their thing you now gained a new customer and hope to purchase alot more in the future thanks guys.

  130. Anonymous

    Its really good nice flavor

  131. Cassie Stockelman

    Love it

  132. Anonymous

    Great overall body pain relief

  133. Yvonne

    The smell is amazing! It was VERY hard to smoke, alot of irritation to the throat made it extremely difficult to enjoy. Love the concept but will not purchase again.

  134. Kelley R.

    Shipped nice and fresh I definitely recommend.

  135. Robert G.

    I was in my happy place for sure thanks!

  136. Alla B.

    Good product. I will get this again.

  137. Erica

    Great item. I could feel the relaxation pretty quickly.

  138. Susan

    Refreshing smell when I opened the bag very discrete mailing package I’d recommend this product to all my family and friends with anxiety it helps tremendously!

  139. Anonymous

  140. Pam Pasqualetti

    I absolutely LOVE this product and u will too if you just go for it.

  141. Anonymous

    Very nice smell, very nice taste, not harsh at all very pleasant. Helped me sleep n helped some with pain.

  142. Amanda W.

    So good I bought some more

  143. Dawn

    Love the wonderful aroma!!!!

  144. gabriel fitzgerald

    Absolutely awsome product its like I was smoking real weed

  145. Tara J.

    Love this stuff! Helped so much with my pain

  146. Anonymous

    Worked great, just a bit skunks, but added a little in food and couldn’t taste as bad. I do appreciate the sample, worked great for my anxiety.

  147. Temeko

  148. Ed P.

    Real deal , and 2 thumbs up

  149. Kristy Hart

    This product exceeded my expectations. Upon opening the product the aroma was very intense. I will definitely recommend this product to others and give them the website to order other products. Thank you again for allowing me to sample this wonderful product.

  150. Anonymous

  151. Valarie H.

    Tastes like the real deal. Just a little helped with my anxiety.

  152. Anonymous

    Smelled God awful, threw it out. It even smelled bad before I opened the oacjage.

  153. Megan Williams

    Throughly enjoyed this ??

  154. Anonymous

    A friend told me about this deal so I ordered it for my husband, who has been experiencing crippling sciatic pain for two years. He’s too stubborn to go to the doctor and he can’t smoke delta9-thc due to his job, so he wanted to try the CBD route. In the few days he’s been enjoying it, he said he not only felt a relief of pressure on his sciatic nerve, but as someone with IBS, he was also pretty happy with the relief from cramping associated with IBS. A lifelong stoner, he was dubious about the claims people make about CBD. He is happy to be wrong.

  155. Anonymous

    First time ever trying hemp at all and was surprised with how well it worked. It definitely helped me feel more relaxed and calm and being a tense, anxious person, that’s no easy feat.

  156. Anonymous

    very satisfied with this sample i received

  157. Marie M.

    Love the smell of it and relaxed my whole body??

  158. Casey K.

    Worked awesome for calming my anxiety. It was my first time smoking CBD/Hemp and im a true believer now!

  159. Johnny

    If I didn’t know it was confuse it wish some serious dank. Smooth smoke.

  160. Holly

    Lovely, lingering fragrance; beautiful flower; excellent quality

  161. Ang F.

    Good stuff! Felt more relaxed and calm after smoking and helped with pain.

  162. Anonymous

    First time trying it I keep migraines and stay stress this helps

  163. Malcolm W.

    The smell and look alone is worth 10 dollars, this is definitely worth it!

  164. Brass

    Really had an effect, I was out in an hour 🙂 Very calming.

  165. Michaela

    It was the best I ever had.

  166. Jessica S.

    When I ordered it I was on the balance beam in the middle because I didnt know what to expect. When I received it and opened the package I immediately got this strong scent coming from the package which surprised me! I opened the little black canister and saw the actual buds and was so surprised how much it looked and smelled like marijuana!! You can smoke it just like you would marijuana!! I absolutely love this product and plan to try other varieties in the future and if they ever have anymore samples of other varieties I plan on jumping right in to try them!

  167. Abbey S.

    Very calming. It does have a strong, fruity smell. Great taste. Recommended for anti anxiety and focus.

  168. James Greco

    Smooth taste

  169. Natasha G.

    Smells amazing and tastes fantastic ! It’s relaxing and very enjoyable definitely a must have and need to try them all

  170. Amanda W.

    Enjoyable beyond what was expected, helped with pain, lovely packaging.

  171. Anonymous

    Free gram of really fresh, flavorful CBD flower.

  172. Naomi S.

    Very delightful flower. Premium. Excellent packaging for excellent product. Thank you.

  173. Joanna R.

    Great Product!! Am ordering more!

  174. BRAD F.

    This flower has an amazing loudness to it and almost immediately it begins to relieve stress and anxiety in your body. This is a great alternative when you have to be THC free for employment.

  175. Izabela

  176. Anonymous

    Yes I loved your product

  177. Karen Petersen

  178. Holly L.

    This has helped with my neck pain and dizzy spells.

  179. Anonymous

    It was good

  180. bill b.

    Smells and tastes great, and a very chill feeling. I would recommend this strain to anyone starting CBD use.

  181. Megan

    Yummy and satisfying ??

  182. johnathaN mitchelL

    Smelled great very loud smell

  183. Kelly

  184. Jeremy Brogdon

    that is the best flower I’ve tasted I was honestly surprised I usually smoke high top shelf but this could be in any dispo and you wouldn’t know except no anxiety

  185. Steven

    Few companies master the craft of growing cbd cannabis. Diesel hemp on the other hand reached the heights of excellence with this pungent diesel flower. The sweet citrus taste surprised me with its dank aroma. True artisans that I hope will challenge other companies to step up in excellence.

  186. Jonathan

  187. Tisha

  188. Loringo t.

    Loved it

  189. Eric S.

    I enjoyed this flower.

  190. David G.

    I am impressed. Wicked little treat. The aroma and texture, taste is outstanding. Thanks Diesel you rock.

  191. Rodney M.

    Best cbd flower I’ve smoked so gassy & smooth will review soon fully on my YouTube channel roddyrod 420

  192. Manuel

    Very good and satisfying

  193. Austin Oliver

  194. Nathan

    Amazing smell and taste, my sample had no seeds. Going to order more.

  195. Jeffrey

    Just isn’t like the real thing , but it does have some good things about it like the smell and taste but it gave me a light head change

  196. Anonymous

    I have 1g free sample bias.

    This is LOUD. Be wary of noise complaints. Crack seal to activate gas bomb.

    Bud is pristine. Mine came cracker dry (and I like that), but your experience may vary on depending on climate and timing. Absolutely beautiful bud in presentation and experience.

    I mixed with d8 and this is a great way to “dirty” up the clean effects of d8.

    Store it well, or you’ll be huffing fumes.

  197. Jason A.

    I really liked this hemp. I wish the effects were a bit more, but they were definitely the best CBD effects I’ve had, and the cleanest smoking experience. This stuff tasted and is cured as good as that top shelf stuff, it was really great, I was pretty bummed when a buddy knocked my sample on the floor and then didn’t seem to give a shit bc it was hemp. I hate people like that. Yall have a good product. If I were an infrequent flower user, I would opt in at the higher price. If I were trying to show people that hemp isn’t all hay smelling bunk, then this is the fire I would be showing fellow hemp enthusiasts. Thanks for sharing the sample. I will bookmark you.

  198. Derek Kirchner

    Very good cbd product and amazing smell and look.I was very pleased with your product and I will definitely be buying more from y’all in the future.

  199. David Binet

  200. Kayla

    I absolutely loved Abacus Diesel CBD Flower! Not only did it smell and taste great but it also relieved my leg pain, muscle spasms and anxiety as well.

  201. Anonymous

    It’s relaxing and great taste. I’ll recommend this product to my family and friends.

  202. Kendra Robinsom

    Hello, I received the Diesel Hemp. However, I have not tried it just yet. The scent was a bit overwhelming for me. I could use some tips on how to use it, if anyone has any.

  203. Jason Helms

    The smell from this container filled my home..its a great product. You will enjoy it my family and myself have.??????

  204. Ryan Barber

  205. Deborah

  206. Marty S.

    Very nice and mellow. Thank you.

  207. Anonymous

    Fresh! Well sealed very professional!

  208. Scott B.

    Amazing flower, tastes great with phenomenal look and service

  209. Ernest A.

    It was mellow to me that strain was more of a relaxing feeling but didn’t help to much with pain would like to try something different that’s more for Pain

  210. rae wright

  211. leon p.

    Rolled up two jays last night. gave one to wife. She went right to bed. She told me this morning she liked it. Myself I noticed a calming effect. Going to wait for inzane. I’m used to strong terps with high thc.

  212. Zach L.

    Covered in trichomes, bursting with flavor and aroma. This strain makes for a great anytime strain either it be enjoying with a cup of coffee in the morning or winding down after a long day at work!

  213. Kenneth Neal

    I was a little skeptical at first since this was my first time ordering. When it arrived I loved the packaging. When I opened up the package and the gassiness smell it me was like “Woo”. Then opening the little container (loved that) and looked at it. I loved the tricones and the way it looked.
    That first hit was amazing. It was so calming and relaxing. I was a little giddy with it and then it settled in and my body became completely relaxed. This product is great and I can’t wait to order again.

  214. Trista Neal

    This is the truth! As a disabled veteran who suffers from anxiety, depression, and body pains I haven’t felt this good since I was 18. My body was so relaxed. I could feel the knots and tense melt away. I love the gassiness and how easy it was to smoke. Y’all have become my go too. Thank you, so much!!!

  215. Clarissa M.

    Great quality!

  216. Robert A.

    Good product, with fast, discreet shipping.

  217. Cody R.

    Looks good and lots of terpy flavors and a good body buzz! Great for relieving pain and anxiety! You guys are killing the hemp game! Keep it up!

  218. Carl Q.

    Just awesome love the effects and taste

  219. Jay

    Absolutely fire. Very unique flower would recommend to anyone who’s interested in hemp that tastes how it smells. 10/10

  220. Alexander M.

    I really enjoyed it. I will be a future costumer.

  221. Larry B.

    Diesel Hemp never disappoints. Especially with this strain. Great taste and great results.

  222. Michael

    my first time trying CBD on its own and I was quite pleased. The Flower I got was of top notch quality and the package it came in was very discrete, 10/10 would reccomend.

  223. Antony Ramirez

  224. Michael M.

    Wow this flower is amazing. I got 1 gram for free and I will be buy more in the future. Love what this company is doing. Giving free flower is great when you are scared of pulling the trigger and buying.

  225. Adam Powell (Verified Buyer)

    One awesome strain I got the Sample and immediately bought a oz if I had a $1000 and I’d buy the whole pound it’s just that good

  226. cameron

    Shit was sum bunk lol

  227. Brian

    I have tried a few varieties of CBD flower. This one is by far the best.

  228. Anonymous

    Yeah I liked it. I tried it yesterday and just smoked a little bit and it made me feel kinda relaxed. The smell is very strong smelling with I loved.

  229. Luciano

    Very beneficial.

  230. Donald Dobbs

    Super good

  231. Cynthia

    Amazing product! Has killed my insomnia and relaxes very well after a long day at work.

  232. Matthew King (Verified Buyer)

    Nice smell and look, great flavor

  233. Rebecca Hamlett

  234. rufus seabrooks

  235. Victoria


  236. Rachel Eberts

    Very nice product! Will recommend to everyone! Definitely would try again

  237. Anonymous

    Best Deal Ever ????

  238. Trisha Jowers

    Omg I loved my diesel cbd flower! Smelled amazing & looked beautiful. When i smoked It it totally relaxed me & calmed my nerves. I actually slept through the night too. I highly recommend this cbd flower called diesel. Try it out I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you so much for sending me a gram of this cbd flower to try out risk free????

  239. virginia n.

  240. Kaila cope

    Absolutely incredible

  241. Patricia M.

    Great quality in the product.
    Really helped me relax.
    Highly recommend giving this a go!

  242. Thomas Wood

  243. Jason C.

    This is the first hemp flower that I experienced that smells dank. It’s very tasty.

  244. Anonymous

    I would definitely recommend Diesel hemp brand, great quality products, very fresh and smells just as good!

  245. Arisa Henderson

    Very quick shipment. Smells so dank

  246. Jessaca P.

    I smoke marijuana everyday but am looking for a product that provides the same relief but I can use at anytime of day. I found it!!
    This product provides instant relief from my pains (I have Lupus), anxiety and stress! Relaxes you with every puff but doesn’t have the head high but is strong enough to trick your brain if you’re craving weed! It’s great to take the edge off so that you can relax into a comfortable slumber! I think I’d like to buy some to help in the evening.
    I want to thank you and your company for allowing the public and myself to try your product for free and see just how it can change your life!! Thank you so much!!!

  247. Isaiah Spencer

    very kind and helpful will defiantly shop again soon!!! product was really good and very tasty I am very impressed 🙂

  248. marc

    Unreal terpene profile

  249. Stella Mattingly

    It’s truly calming.

  250. Andrew

    Bravo! I received the pack perfect condition and no smells coming through the normal looking parcel. I opened the seal pack and the most beautiful and sophisticated diesel aromas you can imagine ( and I don’t just mean for “ cbd “ either ; I mean these genetics have obviously been tediously selectively bred ) smacked me in the face while I stared down at heady flower ; flushed , full of keif, dense bud. The taste leaves the mouth watering , if skunky/ diesel potent tasting and smelling flower isn’t your preference then go with the other strain they offer.

  251. Bryan

    It was deacent but not my type of strain.

  252. Lloyd

    This Abacus Diesel IS Fire AF!!!
    Definitely a Top Shelf Flower!!
    Smells Funky Loud and Taste Diesel Musk. ?????????? 5-Stars!!

  253. Ronald

    My gram was extremely dry almost crumbly. So of course it didn’t have much smell and was stale hemp tasting. The only bright side was the effects. Did have a nice chill feel to it. I believe if my bud had been fresh it would have the potential to be really good .Thanks Abacus for allowing me to try your products.

  254. Camilla Brown

    Really good stuff

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