East Coast Sour Diesel

East Coast Sour Diesel

Type: sativa-dominant hybrid

Ancestry: Sour Diesel

THC Levels: 23%, as per Analytical 360

Terpenes: humulene, myrcene, pinene

Aroma and Taste: Lemony taste and smell with an underlying diesel quality and notes of spices, pine, and wood.

Appearance: Cone- or spade-shaped, forest green buds, with abundant fiery pistils

Recreational Effects

ECSD is like that feeling when you wake up in the morning in a great mood for no reason, which only makes that state more special, like a random gift from above. Speaking of mornings, ECSD is a true “wake and bake” strain, certainly NOT recommended for night use, as it will keep you up like a euphoric little kid that has had too much sugar.

And speaking of kids high on sugar, ECSD will turn you into a ball of energy that can roll on seemingly forever. You’ll be sucked into the moment, just happy to be alive, in a world full of beauty and possibilities. This exuberance, positivity, and childlike sense of wonder make for increased productivity and focus (as long as you haven’t overconsumed or have low tolerance), especially when it comes to creative and/or analytical, problem-solving work. Brainstorming sessions are also a lot of fun with this highly sociable strain that just makes you want to talk about everything and anything, and it will probably have you do it even if you don’t have company. Same goes for parties and other social events.

The buzz and invigoration spread to the body as well, and many people enjoy working out or hiking, in fact, some find it almost necessary in order to burn off some of the energy. Others do it in the bedroom.

Medicinal Benefits

At its core, ECSD is practically a dose of happiness, buzz, and all-around energy, which are practically direct antidotes to depression. On that note, ECSD is also a powerful remedy for chronic fatigue, burnout, and a lack of motivation (avolition), which can sometimes be symptoms and/or branches of depression.

When it comes to anxiety, however, ECSD can be a double-edged sword, as its potency and the potentially frantic mental energy that comes with it can backfire and cause “mind race” and paranoia. People who are prone to anxiety and/or have a low THC tolerance should consume in moderation.

Physical relaxation isn’t ECSD’s forte, and respectively, the strain isn’t too effective against chronic, strong pain. However, it does alleviate some milder ailments, muscle soreness, and inflammation.



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