Crown Royale

Crown Royale

Type: indica-dominant hybrid

Ancestry: Blueberry and Purple Kush

THC Levels: up to 22%

Terpenes: myrcene, pinene

Aroma and Taste: The scent is a tantalizing, tart, berry delight, with some pine and overall floral undertones. Breaking the buds up releases some hints of spices, too. The taste is sweeter, rich and fruity, and the smoke leaves a satisfying grape and pine aftertaste.

Appearance: A feast of colors, the chunky buds and its curled-up leaves are an interplay between saturated green, blue and purple, interlaced with ample orange pistils.

Recreational Effects

Crown Royale turns your mind into a clean slate, wiping all the negativity out and making room for pure bliss. And it’s in the physical realm where its true powers supposedly lie.

The body high comes over in slow, gentle waves that build and mount and grow deeper and deeper. Soon enough, your body will be melting like cheese in a pizza commercial. It’s almost like a sensual water therapy massage that leaves the body feeling loose and floating on Cloud 9.

From a mental standpoint, Crown Royale wraps you up in a dreamy, classically stoned trance to match the deep body relaxation. However, there’s an added sense of euphoria, the kind that washes over you upon seeing an empty to-do list and full day, or rather night ahead in this indica-heavy case.

Moreover, the body and mind converge into a singular, blissful entity that tends to become quite horny, as a large body of anecdotal evidence suggests.

Depending on your tolerance levels and general disposition, you might find it in you to explore some ideas that can potentially become quite engrossing, but generally speaking, the truest Crown Royale experience is complete relaxation and enjoyment rather than work, be it fun and creative work.

Medicinal Benefits

Crown Royale is one of those strains that make it almost physically impossible to worry. Moreover, it promotes a blissful disposition that can help depression and dread seamlessly abate.

The deep, all-around relaxation makes Crown Royale a powerful sleep aid, so insomniacs should definitely give it a go.

Just as mental ailments tend to abate with Crown Royale, physical ailments, like chronic pain, inflammation, and migraines, can practically dissipate and melt away with the deep, full-body relaxation that this strain provides.

Finally, this tantalizing strain summons some serious munchies, which can benefit people who have a hard time summoning their appetite for various medical reasons.




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