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Blue City Diesel

Blue City Diesel

Type: hybrid, leaning ever so slightly on the indica side

Ancestry: Blueberry and NYC Diesel

Creators: Breeder’s Choice

THC Levels: 17-23%

Terpenes: caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene

Aroma and Taste: A gentle berry aroma and a pleasant, smooth smoke to match, with hints of diesel and even cotton candy.

Appearance: The buds are shaped like something between an Arizona Cypress and a Mediterranean pine tree. They sport beautiful blue and purple hues along with some dark green leaves, against which stand out amber pistils and sparkling trichomes.

Recreational Effects

Blue City Diesel wraps you in a little bubble, like the soap bubbles you used to blow as a kid. It soars like children’s laughter and then just floats, light, happy, pure, and carefree.

Blue City Diesel is one of the most well balanced hybrids you’d find. An unequivocal testament to this balance is the fact that it’s hailed as a “wake and bake strain,” even though on paper, its genetics lean slightly on the indica side. It’s the kind of strain with the power to fully turn a bad day around, or set a positive tone from the get-go that continues all day long.

Simply put, Blue City Diesel makes you happy. Smiley. Giggly. Jovial. Relaxed, in fact, very relaxed, yet invigorated mentally and physically. It’s the synthesized feeling of true idyll, whatever that may mean to you personally.

The body high is also extremely pleasant, as it’s a tingly, relaxing buzz that doesn’t settle into a couchlock. On the contrary, if you’re the sporty type, you could definitely work out on this strain. Its light, free flowing, airy feel would make it perfect for the Jiu Jitsu community.

You could do almost anything on Blue City Diesel (within reason), including work, especially if you’re a more experienced user and/or have consumed in moderation.

Medicinal Benefits

Blue City Diesel is a very versatile strain from a medical standpoint, too.

If any strain can help with mental disorders, it’s Blue City Diesel. The gleeful disposition it unlocks is like sunshine breaking through the despondent clouds, anxiety, and any other clinical stress variation are tamed or even put on mute, boxed and locked in the closet.

Where the indica side of Blue City Diesel shines through is pain relief. For a strain that doesn’t induce couchlock, its analgesic effects are very strong, and many users report it being particularly beneficial for nerve pain. It’s also perfect for muscle soreness and tension, as it makes you very loose and light.

Blue City Diesel is also somewhat famous for NOT giving you the munchies, which makes it a unique option for patients who want all the other medical benefits minus yet another reason to eat.




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