Ripped Bubba

Ripped Bubba

Type: indica-leaning hybrid

Ancestry: Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Jack the Ripper

Creators: TGA Subcool

THC Levels: 17-26%

Terpenes: terpinolene, limonene, farnesene

Aroma and Taste: A pungent, sweet and sour interplay between citrus, cherries and blackberries, hash, and earth.

Appearance: Bright green, compact and very resinous buds with a thick trichome coating and patches of very vibrant orange pistils throughout.

 Recreational Effects

Ripped Bubba is a beautifully balanced and versatile hybrid, whether you’re looking at it from an indica or sativa lover’s perspective. It’s one of those strains that are almost impossible not to love, as it synthesizes almost everything there is to love about cannabis altogether.

Ripped Bubba is very potent and demands responsibility, but generally speaking, it doesn’t electrocute you with an overwhelming rush of euphoria or chaotic thoughts, nor does it get you so stoned your brain wrinkles smoothen out, rendering you incapable of formulating a coherent sentence. On the contrary, Ripped Bubba clears the mind of anything excessive and negative, leaving your mental space like a freshly cleaned room, cozy, inviting, with more room for energy to circulate unobstructed.

In this blissful and relaxed, yet invigorated state of mind, you can give in to creative ideas and mundane chores alike, the latter being fairly unusual for an indica-leaning hybrid and a testament to this strain’s balance; you can play the guitar, or enjoy a range of other activities that either stimulate the mind or let it wander freely like an animal in the wild. Speaking of, the outdoors can be infinitely fun and alluring through Ripped Bubba’s lens.

Whatever you decide to do, the first, more uplifting part of the high is best suited for fairly dynamic activities rather than a movie or something else that would require a longer commitment and could create stillness.

As the high progresses, the indica side takes over, the sedation grows deeper and deeper, infusing relaxation into every part of your body. The state of mind is still clear, but becomes increasing reflective.

Now this is the perfect movie time, eventually followed by peaceful sleep.

Medicinal Benefits

With the clean positivity of its high, Ripped Bubba feels almost like a naturally occurring counter force against anxiety, depression.

This strain’s full body high is great for alleviating chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, headaches, etc.

Ripped Bubba’s blissful sedation is like a sweet lullaby that should get even insomniacs to sleep.


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