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Live Rosin VS Live Resin, what is the difference?

Live Rosin VS Live Resin, what is the difference?

Firstly, I enjoy educating people. I’ve explained the difference countless times, and I find it enjoyable each time. Secondly, I hold a deep appreciation for all Live products. By “Live,” I refer to the flower that has been recently processed either by freezing it fresh or freezing it while still fresh. Some companies claim to offer “fresh never frozen” products, but this isn’t feasible with Rosin or Resin.



Live Resin

Let’s begin with Live Resin. This type of resin is crafted by freezing cannabis flowers that have just been harvested. True connoisseurs trim the large fan leaves off the flowers and harvest small quantities at a time, ensuring the flower retains its freshest form. After freezing the flower for a minimum of 24 hours, the extraction process begins. To extract Live Resin, hydrocarbons such as propane and butane are employed. An effective hydrocarbon extraction machine should have the capacity to freeze the column where the flower is packed. Once the column and flower are loaded and frozen, hydrocarbon gas is passed through the flower. The hydrocarbon gas interacts with the trichomes and oil, forcing the oil out of the flower and into a catch vessel. This interaction can be likened to trying to put two magnets together; they resist attaching due to energy keeping them apart.

The collected oil is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids but still contains some residual solvents, specifically hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons need to be removed, typically through heat and a vacuum oven. This process also eliminates some of the lighter terpenes, which might slightly alter the oil’s flavor. However, when executed correctly, the difference is imperceptible. Following the purging of the oil, it becomes consumable. Most individuals, however, opt to cure the oil by storing it in a dark and cold location for a few weeks.

Live Rosin

On the contrary, Live Rosin is a solventless extract, meaning no solvents like hydrocarbons, alcohol, or CO2 are employed. The process begins similarly, using freshly frozen flowers, but then the flower undergoes a “washing” procedure. This entails placing the frozen flower into ice-cold water and agitating the water by means of stirring with a paddle or automated device. The aim is to dislodge the trichomes from the flower and collect them at the bottom using bubble bags.

Typically, multiple bags with varying micron hole sizes are used. The holes function as filters as the trichomes descend to the bottom. Smaller holes result in purer trichomes, leading to higher-quality oil. The extraction process for Live Rosin mirrors that of making hash. In the past, dried flowers were used without water or ice in a process known as dry sift. Do you recall the old Moroccan or Afghan hash? Once the trichomes, which encompass terpenes and cannabinoids, are collected (referred to as Bubble Hash), they are dried using a freeze dryer. At this stage, the bubble hash can be pressed using heat and pressure from a rosin press, causing the hash to pass through another set of micron filters, further refining it into rosin. Following a curing period, the rosin is ready for consumption.

As evident, both Live Rosin and Live Resin share similarities and are both top-tier products. However, Live Rosin is decidedly more boutique and commands a higher price. Producing Live Rosin also demands specific genetics, as not all genetic strains wash well, indicating they yield lower quantities. In contrast, hydrocarbon extraction and Live Resin can be performed using any strain, although yields may vary, they are incomparable to those of Live Rosin.

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