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Blue Genius

DELTA 8 Flower – 1 Ounce

Our Blue Genius DELTA 8 flower was cultivated with meticulous care to produce the best smoking experience for those looking for a different and new take on smoking cannabis. It’s bright, floral terpene profile makes this flower a calming delight. Now available with DELTA 8.

(97 customer reviews)


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D8 – Blue Genius Delta 8 Flower – 1 Ounce Bag

Blue Genius

DELTA 8 Flower – 1 Ounce

Blue Genius Delta 8 Flower has a rare terpene profile consisting of citrus, pine, pepper, basil, and floral spice, with floral attributes that smell good enough to use as a centerpiece. Effects are best described as having a calming focus.

This is a Limited Reserve product, which means that availability and batch size is limited.

1 oz (28g) Trimmed Delta 8 Flower in Sealed, Black Mylar Bag

Delta 8 Content: 15%

Lineage: AC/DC x Hemp

!! This product contains DELTA 8 THC.
  • You must be 21 to purchase this product.
  • Do not use if pregnant, lactating, any medical conditions or if taking medication.
  • This product may cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate machinery. Please use responsibly.
  • Contains no more than 0.3% THC Delta 9 which could possibly result in a failed drug test. We are not responsible for failed drug tests. If you get tested, don’t chance it.
  • This product may not be available for purchase in certain states.
  • This product has not been evaluated by or approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Delta 8 THC is legal according to federal law and many state laws. Our Delta 8 THC is 100% derived from legal hemp and does not contain more than 0.3% ∆9THC or any CBD. However, we do not guarantee that this product is legal in your state or territory. Diesel Hemp is not responsible for knowing whether this product is legal in your state or territory and you assume full responsibility for all parts pertaining to your purchase.

Weight .09375 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 2 in

Quality Specs


All of our proprietary cultivars are bred and produced by us, in our Greenhouses, and managed organically. We use organic growing methods and implore the use of helpful beneficial & predatory insects, living soil beds and cover crops to enhance the terpene profiles and quality of our flower. Our Hemp flower is bred and grown specifically for smokable flower, and each cultivar is meticulously chosen for its unique terpene profile.

Curing + Storage Specs

Our hemp plants are all hand harvested, dried and slow-cured in our on-site drying facility. Only the best buds are chosen, and quality inspected in small batches. All flower is cured and stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment, in order to bring out the best taste and smell in the flower and allow the terpenes to bloom. Final storage is low oxygen and no light with controlled humidity.


Glass jars with high quality, air-tight lid and tamper proof seal. We encourage reusing the containers and refilling with flower or other herbs, we encourage you to be creative and at the very least recycle. We chose glass instead of plastic containers on purpose, as to keep down on the single-use plastic that is so common with cannabis products.

Legality + Compliance

We are Federal and State legal. According to the 2018 Federal Farm Bill 7606, Hemp is federally legal if it contains 0.3% or less of delta-9 THC (which all of our hemp flower does). All of our Hemp is grown under Colorado state laws and regulations. If ordering outside of Colorado, please familiarize yourself with your state law’s before purchasing.

Third Party Lab Tested

We test our smokable flower for potency, terpene content, mold and microbial content and heavy metals. Other tests are available upon request, please reach out directly for tests not posted in product description.

This product is not FDA approved. For adult-use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult medical practitioner before use. Do not use is pregnant or lactating. Do not use if taking medications or have any medical conditions. Be Safe.

Shipping + Return Policy

All sales are final. We ship all orders via USPS to maintain compliance, with accompanying documentation.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Click to view, print or download the Blue Genius DELTA 8 Flower Certificate of Analysis › Coming Soon…

Tasting Notes

Marc, CEO says: Citrus, pine, pepper, basil, and floral spice, with floral attributes that smell good enough to use as a centerpiece.

97 reviews for D8 – Blue Genius Delta 8 Flower – 1 Ounce Bag

  1. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

  2. Sydnie (Verified Buyer)

    Very nice morning buzz

  3. Chandler (Verified Buyer)

  4. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

  5. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Had a relaxing experience with this.

  6. Miranda H. (Verified Buyer)

    I am extremely pleased with the value and quality of this product. not only is it more affordable then any shop I been in it’s great taste and leaves me feeling very chill n relaxed . Rolls very well, I use a grinder to break up my hemp. I 100% recommend this to anyone it has hints of blueberry flavor

  7. Sean H. (Verified Buyer)

  8. Malik (Verified Buyer)

    Great taste, Fresh, Smooth and really potent. Cant find anything wrong. Will be buying again!

  9. Jared N. (Verified Buyer)

  10. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Great taste, very sticky. Pretty synthetic smell though

  11. Patrick M. (Verified Buyer)

    Very good product. Tasted great and actually helped alleviate some of my pain…nit fully but made it easier to cope with it more

  12. David S. (Verified Buyer)

    I like it!!! Enough to buy it twice!! It’s now my daily smoke!

  13. David Goltz (Verified Buyer)

  14. Jerome Brock (Verified Buyer)

  15. Marcus Johnson (Verified Buyer)

    Love the product , it have more distillant imo

  16. Jared Frank (Verified Buyer)


  17. Geronimo (Verified Buyer)

    AWESOME !!!

  18. Chrissy Fletcher smilie (Verified Buyer)

    Love it!

  19. Kevin P. (Verified Buyer)

    Not bad… I quit mj a few years ago and this hits the spot and the price is good

  20. Crystal (Verified Buyer)

    Love this product. Smells great and tastes even better. Definitely helps to take the edge off.

  21. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

  22. Darryl (Verified Buyer)

    Great aroma and overall experience. A bit dryer than I prefer but nothing that a humidity pack can’t handle

  23. Marcello Molinaro (Verified Buyer)

  24. Fred (Verified Buyer)

    …the best there is, large sticky buds,

  25. David O. (Verified Buyer)

    took all my pain away almost instantly great stuff

  26. Michael Daniels (Verified Buyer)

    Yes I must say it’s a very nice blend you know something I wouldn’t mind getting again you know it’s nice perfect blend and a nice metal high and I don’t know talk no harshness to it nice and fresh no complaints

  27. Crystal (Verified Buyer)

    Just the absolute best!

  28. Josh Smith (Verified Buyer)

    Great bang for the buck love this product and the people at disel hemp

  29. Shelby (Verified Buyer)

    such a great price and amazing quality! thank you!

  30. Brian (Verified Buyer)

    Outstanding deal and top notch service! Great effects.

  31. Michael Daniels (Verified Buyer)

    Very nice thing very nice

  32. Ryu (Verified Buyer)

  33. Arlene Smith (Verified Buyer)

  34. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

  35. Yvonne K. (Verified Buyer)

    I’ve tried several different strains and I haven’t found my favorite yet but I definitely gotta try more. This is by far the best I’ve had. I definitely recommend this product for mature adults.

  36. Abigail Morgan (Verified Buyer)

    It’s a great product! Flavor is really fruity and could be overwhelming to certain people… but other than that the taste is phenomenal. Would recommend

  37. Braden Groves (Verified Buyer)

    It smoked very well and it has good effects, but it is very dry and lots of stems

  38. Jeffery M. (Verified Buyer)

    Great product we love it and great price

  39. Dana (Verified Buyer)

    Great price

  40. Jayden J. (Verified Buyer)

  41. Gary L. (Verified Buyer)

    It was a pleasure to order from your company, outstanding product, price, and service! Thank you

  42. MARCELLO M. (Verified Buyer)

  43. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

  44. Bradley N. (Verified Buyer)

    The shipping from this company isn’t great. It took 9 days for my package to arrive. Purchases should be shipped same or next day of order. The main company I order from has same day shipping and never out of stock of any strain. The product from diesel hemp is excellent just bad shipping

  45. agnes (Verified Buyer)

    Great product. Helps my anxiety. Great price. Can’t beat it

  46. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Slightly dry but great flavors and high nonetheless

  47. Muriel Vann (Verified Buyer)


  48. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

  49. Sylvia (Verified Buyer)

    This is amazing for blunts and not necessarily pipes. Just a bowl isn’t enough to get me high, personally.

  50. Danny R. (Verified Buyer)

    I liked the product that I purchased.

  51. Alexis Olson (Verified Buyer)

    It was definitely a good buy for the price of $29.99 an oz. I was used to using Delta 10, which is a bit moist and burns much slower. Delta 10, because of its slow burn, works very well for me. I purchased the Delta 10 locally.
    I purchased Delta 8 from Diesel Hemp. Delta 8 is very dry and continues to burn much like standard tobacco. I was have problems because I could only take 2 hits and my bowl was burned out. I need to take at least 4 or 5 good hits inorder to feel the effects. I bought some Delta 10 dab and put a tiny amount on the Blue Genius Delta 8. That seems to correct my problem.
    Diesel Hemp is a great company to purchase from. I also purchased a product from Bhangers, 50mg gummies. Their product was totally inferior. The gummies were 25mg at best. Purchase from reputable companies, such as Diesel Hemp, and you can’t go wrong.

  52. Andrew R. (Verified Buyer)

    It isn’t the stickiest of the icky, but it will suffice.

  53. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    This was good my friends thought it was mj

  54. Tracy W. (Verified Buyer)


  55. Travis (Verified Buyer)

    Great price for an ounce of this good smelling and tasting stuff! I dock it one star only because the buds are really loose and airy. Still, it smells and tastes good and definitely gets the job done!

  56. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Smells good. Works good. A lot of stems but can’t beat the price.

  57. Robert S. (Verified Buyer)

  58. Will (Verified Buyer)

    Really good price, but the flavor and effects are not exactly what I was expecting. Still good though, dont get me wrong.

  59. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Great product. Real mellow and chill.

  60. JOHN (Verified Buyer)

    Grate product loved it most d8 bud doesn’t taste that good but this is the best taste grate and gets u were u want to be

  61. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Good deal, good product, good support. Look forward to trying their other d8 products.

  62. Ashley Akers (Verified Buyer)

  63. Michael Espinell (Verified Buyer)

    Don’t let the price fool you is a correct statement. My first purchase ever and no disappointments. Nice hit without any harshness. Burns very well and puts me calm with a nice Buzz..

  64. Chris S. (Verified Buyer)

    For the price it was well worth it. The flower needed to be trimmed up a bit. But that is just a personal thing I like to do. It did not effect the quality of the flower. The effects were wonderful and very calming. Hopefully you start to add a little more d8 and get that percentage up to the mid 20s.

  65. Zechariah L. (Verified Buyer)

    I love your guys product I only have bought the ozs iv actually been wondering if u have any free samples of ur wax iv been interested in purchasing some

  66. Crystal (Verified Buyer)

    What an amazing product! Absolutely exceeded my expectations. Nice, smooth flavor and provided very chill, relaxed feeling. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  67. Aaron (Verified Buyer)

  68. angel (Verified Buyer)

    I’m super pleased with this, I made a YouTube video review of this product and a few other ppl have purchased because of it. I highly recommend

  69. Jeanie Matthews (Verified Buyer)

  70. M (Verified Buyer)

    not my fav, a nice hit more head less body

  71. Roy (Verified Buyer)

  72. Adam S. (Verified Buyer)

    Kind of leafy and not as potent as I’d like.

  73. Daniel Collins (Verified Buyer)

    Diesel hemp is the best .period
    !Affordable ! high quality, amazing taste , it’s from now on my only cannabis supply , CBD hemp infused with Delta 8 gives me everything I wanted out of cannabis without any anxiety or weed “paranoia”
    I’m a loyal fan now

  74. Paul (Verified Buyer)

    Does not taste as good as premium, to me. Tastes fine though. But, for how I use it, with moonrocks, it is every bit as good where it counts as the premium stuff.

  75. Daniel L. (Verified Buyer)

    A little stemmy but no complaints at $20.00 per ounce. Great for rolling with.

  76. Stacie S. (Verified Buyer)

  77. Ryan (Verified Buyer)

    Well worth the $20. The buds have a nice sour, skunky, mossy smell to them and taste just as good. Very well rounded, relaxing effects. Definitely a good bang for your buck!

  78. Crystal B. (Verified Buyer)

    Oh my gosh, AMAZING!!

  79. Scott Gaus (Verified Buyer)

  80. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Great quality hemp, pretty loose buds with alot of stems, but for the price its a pretty good deal.

  81. Rondall Baumgardner (Verified Buyer)

    The taste and smell is great. I bought it to use as a filler to cut cost when rolling fatties. It did that and more. It’s like my Sriracha, I put it on everything.

  82. Naomi C. (Verified Buyer)

    Prompt shipping, my go to when I need to order again and I love when they have sales. I have recommended to family and friends.

  83. Casey O. (Verified Buyer)

    Its really good i like it

  84. Fred (Verified Buyer)

    Great product, one of my favorites.

  85. Ren Allen (Verified Buyer)

  86. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    The taste was nice and had a strong smell to it, like walking through a weed field very gassy smell to it but good burn nice white ash that’s always good

  87. Zimron (Verified Buyer)

  88. Michael P. (Verified Buyer)

    I was very impressed with the sale price of this one and turned out to be the one I loved the most so far!

  89. Alexis Mott (Verified Buyer)

    The best!

  90. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

  91. Daniel A. (Verified Buyer)

    Not bad, okay for the price.

  92. Naomi C. (Verified Buyer)

  93. Jay C. (Verified Buyer)

    Very good

  94. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    It was ok

  95. Joshua (Verified Buyer)

    Smell: heavy diesel front with pine undertones

    Flavor: smooth smoke, diesel notes on front of palate

    Appearance: good trim with large, loose buds and sugary leaves

    Cons: the buds came slightly under cured for my preference and dried out rather quickly, I’d say to keep an eye on moisture content if purchased

    Would recommend to a friend/purchase again

  96. Diogo (Verified Buyer)

  97. Marty Rollins (Verified Buyer)

    Value of the product was amazing.

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