Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush Strain

Type: 20:80 sativa:indica

Ancestry: This is somewhat contentious. Most believe Afgani to be one of the parents, with Blackberry, DJ Short Blueberry, and Bubba Kush being the other main suspects.

THC Content: 16-20%

Terpenes: linalool, limonene, pinene, uhumulene, caryophyllene

Appearance: Dense, cone- or spade-shaped, dark, green and purple buds with copper pistils and snowy trichome coating.

Aroma and Taste: A distinctive cocktail of blackberries and diesel. The berries are particularly palpable in the smell and inhale, while the exhale brings out the Blackberry Kush’s earthy, hashy side that’s reminiscent of jet fuel.



Recreational Effects

If any cannabis stain is going to get you relaxed, it’s Blackberry Kush, an epitome of indica’s best practices.

The relaxation starts off in the body, making it completely numb and sedated soon enough, almost as if it’s under anesthesia. Needless to say, the couch-lock borders with a binding spell.

Soon after the body is under Blackberry Kush’s anesthetic spell, the effects spread to the head, but besides relaxation, there’s a generous dash of euphoria and introspection to the mix, which makes the difference and turns the experience into a true recreational activity rather than a simple rest. Some users report that Blackberry Kush improves their focus – not in terms of focusing on a task at hand and/or mundane work for a prolonged period of time, but focus as in the crystallization of a problem, especially a creative one; an improved, bird’s-eye view that reveals the full picture from various angles. In that sense, Blackberry Kush can be characterized as one of those strains that promote empathy and open-mindedness.

Blackberry Kush is best suited for engrossing, yet fairly undemanding recreational activities that allow some leeway for the mind to drift in and out, like listening to music, playing video games, watching TV, etc.

Medicinal Benefits

With such a strong body high obviously comes pain relief, which is indeed one of Blackberry Kush’s hallmarks. The strain is helpful for muscle cramps as well.

Blackberry Kush is also famous for boosting appetite, so those who are clinically unable to summon it can benefit from the munchies.

Finally, but only chronologically, the pleasant, sedated state that progressively takes over the entire being is a great aid for insomniacs.

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