Fruity Pebbles OG (FPOG)

Fruity Pebbles OG (FPOG)

Type: 45:55 sativa:indica

Ancestry: Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien

Creators: Alien Genetics

THC Content: 18-21% on average

Terpenes: humulene, pinene, myrcene

Appearance: Absolutely spectacular in appearance, Fruity Pebbles is a frosty rainbow of a strain with vibrant shades of the namesake cereal.

Aroma and Taste: Again, like the namesake cereal which this strain is named after, Fruity Pebbles tastes and smells like a sweet mix of tropical and berry flavors. The smoke is smooth and leaves no aftertaste.

Recreational Effects

Fruity Pebbles’s high epitomizes the cloudy, slowed down, yet mentally stimulating bliss that many people refer to as being “stoned.” There’s certainly a sense of euphoria and mental buzz, but it’s sort of a milder, deeper, floaty feeling of joy, peace, wonder, and physical and mental borderline inability to worry and stress out. The high is almost akin to an opiate haze, but with the important cannabis twist that makes it inherently benevolent and positive.

While Fruity Pebbles does cloud your mind, it doesn’t render it dysfunctional or numb like some heavier indicas.

The deeply peaceful and sweetly lethargic experience isn’t limited to the mind, in fact, it starts off in the body as a nice, gentle buzz that slowly and seamlessly settles into a deeper and deeper, full-body relaxation and eventually couch-lock.

Fruity Pebbles lends itself perfectly to after-hours recreation and relaxed, comfortable social gathering in the afternoon and/or evenings.

Depending on the exact phenotype and which parent strains were more pronounced in it, as well as the user’s experience level, the couch-lock can come sooner and heavier.

Medicinal Benefits

Fruity Pebbles does wonders for many people with various medical needs that span both the mind and the body.

The well-rounded mix of relaxation, sedation, bliss, and mental buzz is a natural remedy for people with conditions like anxiety and depression.

The body high provides strong pain relief, with some users trumpeting its advantages over prescription medication.

Fruity Pebbles replaces regular stress with a single care in the world – about food, which makes it beneficial to people who suffer from a lack of appetite.

Finally, once the couch-lock sets in, and your only worries are food-related, sleep starts sneaking in ever-so-gently, catching even insomniacs off guard.

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