Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze

Type: 80:20 sativa:indica

Ancestry: Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck

Creators: Rare Dankness (Green Man Cannabis is behind an award-winning phenotype)

THC Levels: The highest reported is 32%, measured by the respected cannabis testing lab Analytical 360. It regularly reaches 25-28%. After all, Ghost Train Haze appeared in The High Times’ very first “Strongest Strains on Earth” feature, taking the prize for the most potent strain of 2011 at 25.49%, as well as in 2014, at 27.46%.

Terpenes: limonene, terpinolene, humulene (limonene levels were measured at 4% by Analytical 360, which is a lot.

Aroma and Taste: A sweet and sour, pungent bouquet of citrus, pine, and spice. The smoke is smooth and further brings out the pine and floral notes on the exhale.

Appearance: Dense buds, with light green leaves and orange pistils, made all-the-lighter by the thick, frosty trichome coating.

Trivia: 1st place in the U.S. non-solvent hash category at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup

Recreational Effects

It’s not uncommon for a cerebral high to be likened to a psychedelic one, even though the comparison is generally far-fetched, but if any strain comes even close to psychedelics, it’s Ghost Train Haze.

For starters, the potency is something to behold, and just like psychedelics, it’s not for everyone, especially not for novice users and those prone to anxiety and paranoia. In the same line of thought, moderation is absolutely crucial to a positive and rewarding experience.

The initial rush of euphoria sweeps you away and makes you laugh, smile giddily, and just sucks you in the moment, which feels like a special moment in time, an adventure, an augmented reality that’s one dimension closer to the psychedelic wonderland. Some users even like to go out and hike, but again, Ghost Train Haze is a tricky strain as it is, and introducing new variables like the great, unpredictable outdoors can be extra disorienting and potentially overwhelming.

Music also seemingly flows into your being through a new prism that conjures up Pink Floyd’s famous logo, or perhaps it’s you who enters the music’s dimension and becomes one with it. Either way, it’s awesome. Your surroundings overall are infinitely wondrous and full of detail, and you become a kid that’s discovering the world for the first time.

Ghost Train Haze promotes deep introspection, and perhaps this is where the psychedelic shades are the thickest. It’s like taking a submarine to the depths of your mind, not knowing what comes back out with you on the surface.  Ghost Train Haze is a delight for people who love embarking on trippy explorations of their psyche, and a good dry run for those who want to dabble in such mental adventurers.

In moderation, Ghost Train Haze can also help creatives tap into a powerful and steady stream of ideas, but larger quantities can render your ideas too chaotic to harness.

Medicinal Benefits

While it’s NOT suitable for people who suffer from anxiety, many users who battle depression consider Ghost Strain Haze a godsend, akin to sunlight breaking through the clouds. In moderation, this strain can improve ADD, however, in can also certainly backfire in larger quantities, which are easy to reach, being that ever puff is a heavy punch of THC.

Speaking of a THC punches, the exceptionally high THC content can do wonders for chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, muscle soreness, etc.

This much THC, bolstered by a tantalizing aroma and taste profile is a recipe for the munchies, powerful enough to fill a clinical lack of appetite.

On all those notes, Ghost Train Haze is often recommended to chemotherapy patients, as it provides significant pain relief, helps them eat, lifts their spirits through euphoria, provides distraction through ideas, and promotes introspection that can shine a new, philosophical light on their challenging fate and life altogether.

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