Ka Ko Ku

Kali Mist

Kali Mist

Type: 90:10 sativa:indica

Ancestry: mysterious sativa hybrids

Creators: Serious Seeds

THC Levels: 18%, often less

CBG Levels: Estimated at 0.32% by 360 Analytics, can reportedly reach up to 1%

Terpenes: linalool, myrcene, caryophyllene

Aroma and Taste: Spicy aroma, with hints of pine and earth, whereas the taste brings out this strain’s fruity side.

Appearance: fluffy, fairly small buds, with standard forest green loroing and copper pistils

Trivia: winner of: 1st place at the 1995 Cannabis Hydro Cup, 1st place at the 2000 Cannabis Sativa Cup, and reportedly 12 more prestigious awards.

Recreational Effects

Kali Mist is hailed by many as the ultimate sativa, and not just because it’s just short of 100% sativa on paper. It’s how these genetics play out in practice that makes this strain something special.

Kali Mist’s effects are often described as psychedelic, yet paradoxically mind-clearing at the same time. This strange, borderline oxymoronic combination feels like a trippy revelation, a new perspective and heightened sense of focus that bring out overlooked nuances, details, and ideas in full definition. This is why creatives, especially writers, and people who love meditation, yoga, and introspecton, are particularly fond of Kali Mist.

Conversely, many channel this focus into more practical endeavors, like cleaning their house. Being a quintessential wake & bake strain, Kali Mist is considered suitable even for office work, as long as it’s consumed in moderation. It lifts you up to a happy place, from where you glide through and above the day with the grace of a confident swan, tasks and social interactions becoming a breeze.

Kali Mist’s all-around invigorating effects also lend themselves nicely to outdoor activities and even working out.

Medicinal Benefits

Many medicinal users with mental disorders swear by Kali Mist, reporting it has done wonders for them.

Indeed, euphoria and a sense of focus and purpose are practically depression’s kryptonite, while engrossing ideas are a great distraction from anxiety. Again, moderation is all-the-more important when medicating mental disorders with sativa-like cerebral highs, as they can potentially thrust the mind into a spiral of racing thoughts and even paranoia.

Kali Mist can also infuse the Carpe Diem spirit into you and snap you out of the sticky webs ofchronic fatigue, burnout, lethargy, avolition (clinical lack of motivation), and other similar states, which can sometimes be symptoms of depression to an extent.

Kali Mist provides some mild pain relief, but it’s definitely not a viable option for stronger physical ailments.





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