Silver Haze

Silver Haze

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Ancestry: Haze and Northern Lights

Creators: Sensi Seeds

THC Levels: 19-22%

Terpenes: humulene, caryophyllene, myrcene

Aroma and Taste: A pungent earthy taste and flavor, with notes of wood and pine. Some users also report hints on citrus and even honey, which can depend on the individual consumer’s palette, as Sensi Seeds themselves point out.

Appearance: Spade- or cone-shaped, fluffy buds, with vibrant green leaves and prominent burnt orange pistils throughout.

Trivia: Silver Haze’s name is inspired by its shiny silver trichome coating. Not to be confused with Super Silver Haze, which is the lovechild of Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk 1.

Recreational Effects

Having won first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup, Silver Haze is a dose of happiness, in all its forms and nuances.

In a typical sativa fashion, Silver Haze is a great social lubricant, putting you at ease and giving you the confidence that comes from being comfortable in your own skin, or better yet, from being happy being yourself. Within a couple of hits, it gets your mind buzzing without overpowering it, hitting the sweet spot between euphoria, giddiness, and clear-headedness, which makes it a great option for social occasions on which you still need to be on your good behavior.

At the same time, Silver Haze can be a great companion in your alone time, with its cerebral effects adapting beautifully to the environment. In more intimate settings, it can send your mind floating through daydreams and memories, making your heart feel like a cozy fireplace and tomorrow full of promise.

Silver Haze can give users the urge to take a walk or hike that will seem like a movie-esque journey against soundtracks of their choosing.

Creative people generally love Silver Haze, as it puts them in a trance-like happy place where the ideas just keep on coming. Perhaps brainstorming sessions are one of Silver Haze’s best applications, being that they are a combination of creative thinking and a social gathering.

The body high seems to vary from person to person. While it’s not Silver Haze’s forte, some users do report a significant numbing sensation and full-body relaxation.

Medicinal Benefits

Silver Haze is arguably one of the best strains for battling depression. While many sativa-dominant strains provide temporary respite from this looming mental disorder, the euphoria of Silver Haze seems to stream from a deeper well, somewhere within your being, and as such, it grows into an underlying sense of happiness and wellbeing even once the initial rush has faded away.

The giddiness and influx of ideas and happy thoughts are also a great distraction from anxiety and chronic stress

From a strictly physical standpoint, Silver Haze can provide some mild analgesic effects that can help with something like light muscle soreness, but they’re generally not powerful enough to alleviate chronic and/or strong pain.

The mental buzz and stimulation can also jolt people out of their lethargy and fatigue and help reignite a passion that has temporarily burned out.

The munchies are also pretty strong and can prove beneficial to people who can’t bring themselves to eat for medical reasons.



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