Space Queen

Space Queen

Type: a sativa-leaning hybrid

Ancestry: Romulan and Cinderella 99

Creators: The British Columbia Growers Association

THC Levels: 15-19%

Terpenes: humulene, caryophyllene, myrcene (terpene levels aren’t high overall)

Aroma and Taste: Space Queen’s scent ubiquitously accepted as one of the most unique ones out there – a mouth-watering mix of apples, cherries, and vanilla. Depending on the exact phenotype, there can be hints of sandalwood, cinnamon, butterscotch, and even cheese.

Appearance: American football or cone-shaped buds, relatively fluffy, with very frosty, olive-green flowers and copper pistils.

Recreational Effects

Like a true queen, Space Queen can be a handful, a little capricious if you will. The experience depends on what day, mood, or phenotype you find her in. But if you can handle her fiery temper, you get to reap some nice rewards.

Many users liken Space Queen to a coffee overdose, in the sense that you’re washed over by frantic energy and chaotic thoughts that can be hard to zone in on and crystallize. With that being said, a few factors can help you channel this whirlwind into a steady stream of joy, glee, and spacey mental buzz. One factor is a certain level of tolerance; another (and perhaps the most important one) is moderation; the third one is an aptitude for staying calm and in control of your thoughts; and last but not least, a hobby or passion that truly sucks you in. If those all fall in place, you can summon a lovely spacey high.

Fans of this strain love it for the silly smiles that stretch out their faces as if their mouths have minds of their own, the sense of floating in a trippy trance, and the overall atmosphere of glee in which stress dissipates. Creative people and those who like their high productive and full of substance might fall in love with Space Queen, as they can fully immerse themselves in their ideas.

The body high also varies from phenotype to phenotype. Generally speaking, it’s not the strongest, but it does provide palpable relaxation.

Medicinal Benefits

Medicinally speaking, Space Queen can be even trickier, since medical conditions, especially mental ones, add another variable to an already unpredictable equation. This makes moderation all-the-more important!

Many users who suffer from depression or anxiety report great benefits from Space Queen. It can replace worries and gloom with trippy thoughts and glee instead of simply numbing those conditions by numbing the mind altogether or even knocking patients out senseless – on the contrary, Space Queen is generally considered a day-time strain.

It can also snap people out of lethargy and chronic fatigue – after all, it’s likened to strong coffee.

The body relaxation does provide some pain relief, however, this isn’t Space Queen’s forte.

The lovely scent that tantalizes the senses wakes the munchies up, which can help battle a clinical lack of appetite.


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