Strawberry Diesel CBD Flower

Strawberry Diesel CBD Flower

Type: A 50-50 hybrid

Ancestry: Abacus Diesel and Strawberry Cough

Creators: Colorado CBD Seed

THC Content: .3%

CBD Content: 10%

Terpenes: limonene, linalool, caryophyllene, myrcene    

Appearance: medium-green buds, covered with thick trichome frosting and interlaced with bright to dark orange pistils

Aroma and Taste: It’s in the name – a strange combination of strawberry sweetness and diesel pungence, with earthy and citrus undertones, a delight for tangy-tasting cannabis lovers. Strawberry Diesel is beloved for its rich taste and smell.

Recreational Effects

Being a 50-50 hybrid, Strawberry Diesel blends some of the best of both the sativa and indica worlds. However, your level of experience will likely determine which one of those realms you’ll spend more time in, and how fulfilling your stay will be. In other words, due to hard- and fast-hitting THC-rich nature, this strain isn’t best suited for rookies.

Strawberry Diesel is an instant jolt of euphoria that feels surprisingly clear-headed, almost as if it’s not a product of a high, but on the contrary, one of sobering revelation, the natural order of things, which makes the feeling all-the-more powerful and deeper. At the same time, Strawberry Diesel’s indica side will seep down your body, leaving you relaxed and loose.

This harmony between exhilaration, complete focus, and full-body relaxation, makes for a well-balanced and versatile high that lends itself perfectly to creative work and other riveting mental tasks, watching movies, playing video games, and all kinds of other mental stimulation and entertainment.

While the most experienced users can enjoy it even during the day, it’s best for the afternoon and/or after hours.

As more time goes by, the indica side starts to take over, the munchies kick in, and the pleasant sedation slowly caries you closer and closer to sleep.

Medicinal Benefits

Due to its versatility, Strawberry Diesel has a wide range of relief applications that span both the mind and body, from possibly alleviating anxiety and depression, to possibly helping with ADD, improving sleep, and providing muscle relaxation.

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