White Widow

White Widow

Type: A hybrid that is balanced, yet leaning heavily on the sativa side

Ancestry: A cross between Brazilian and South Indian landrace strains

Creators: Green House Seeds from the Netherlands

THC Content: up to 20%

Terpenes: myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene

Appearance: Of course, the defining visual trait of White Widow is the very inspiration behind its iconic name – the thick, white-gray trichome coat that fully covers the buds, which are cone-shaped and somewhat tapered. The sticky flowers’ loose and borderline fluffy complexion makes them very easy to break up.

Aroma and Taste: White Widow isn’t famous for an alluring taste and aroma, in fact, they are generally bland at best, with some users regarding them as the price they have to pay for the coveted effects behind them, something like a rose’s thorns. The smell can be somewhat reminiscent of ammonia, with some earthy pine and peppery undertones, which carries into the smoke’s flavor.

Trivia: Nothing short of a legend, White Widow has been a staple of Dutch coffeeshops since the 1990s. Winner of the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. Its almost universally beloved genes make it one of the most popular strains for crossbreeding, giving birth to hybrids like White Russian, White Rhino, The White, Blue Widow, and more.


Recreational Effects

While technically a hybrid, White Widow, especially during the first stages of the high, is the quintessential sativa, a trampoline into an elevated state of mind or even dimension, which some users compare to the mildly psychedelic ones. Like a child, just starting to get acquainted with the world, you become much more attuned to the wonders all around us – in conversations, the great outdoors, music, movies, and other art forms, your own imagination, or even a squeaky clean house. White Widow makes everything better and infinitely fascinating, to the point you might find yourself restless and hungry for mental stimulation.

Medicinal Benefits

As you can see, White Widow provides an almost entirely cerebral high, which is why its medicinal benefits are almost entirely psychological. It’s great for people who need a mood booster, some inspiration, a thrust out of their lethargy, and even help with their attention deficit disorder.

Users should be careful not to go overboard with White Widow, as its potency and all-around power can become overwhelming and the effects can mutate into paranoia and overall mental chaos.

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