Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush Strain

Type: ≈ 100% indica

Ancestry: A descendant of Afghani, Afhan Kush comes from the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Creators: Afghan Kush is a landrace strain, meaning it’s the spontaneous result of its native region’s natural conditions rather than a grower’s creation. However, White Label Seed Company, a Sensi Seed partner, sells seeds for this strain.

THC Levels: 21%, as per Analytical 360, a respected cannabis testing lab.

Terpenes: caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene

Aroma and Taste: Classically dank and hash-like, with sweet notes.

Appearance: Classic, round, forest green buds, with burnt orange pistils and a frosty trichome coating. 

Recreational Effects

It doesn’t get any more indica than Afghan Kush. And it probably shouldn’t, as if it did, you’d basically be going straight to sleep.

Afghan Kush is not for rookies, and especially not for day-time use, even if you have the entire day off. What Afghan Kush is for, is relaxing your entire being to its very core.

Being so quintessentially indica, Afghan Kush takes over the body first and presides over it completely throughout the entire experience. The best way to consume this potent strain is next to, or better yet already positioned on a comfortable surface, with your to-do list for the rest of the night completely scratched off. Despite its potency, Afghan Kush is not overwhelming or disorientating, but simply peaceful. The profound relaxation that quickly morphs into a thick, sticky fog of sweet, blissful lethargy will trump any go-getter’s spark.

From then on, you’ll basically inhabit one of those cozy looping animated backgrounds to relaxing music compilations on YouTube: you might listen to music, watch undemanding videos or series, maybe play video games if your cannabis tolerance and energy levels are up to par with this now lofty task. Whatever you do though, it will be in a place of peace, disturbed only by insatiable munchies that only sleep will put an end to.

Medicinal Benefits

Afghan Kush is a medical cannabis user’s delight, as long as it’s not versatile cerebral effects that are also sought after. For starters, its off-the-chart CBD levels are a serious therapeutic claim in themselves.

While sativa-dominant strains can alleviate mood disorders like depression, anxiety, by taking the troubled mind to a different and wondrous plane of thought, Afghan Kush provides respite through its ability to practically shut down thoughts altogether, or at least the negative ones, leaving only random traces of ideas and feelings floating about.

When it comes to physically therapeutic effects, Afghan Kush is hardly matched. Its pain-relief and muscle relaxation are a thing of beauty, a professional athlete’s dream.

Staying awake under Afghan Kush’s influence could be a legit Indian form of torture, so insomniacs can find this strain infinitely beneficial.

The munchies are also very powerful, so people who suffer from a clinical lack of appetite should give Afghan Kush a try.



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