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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream

Type: 60:40 sativa:indica

Ancestry: G13, Afghani, Neville’s A5 Haze

Creators: Barney’s Farm

THC Content: As much as 25%, around 19-20% on average

Terpenes: pinene, myrcene, caryophyllene

Appearance:  Dense, forest green buds, with bright, thick patches of orange pistils and a generous trichome coating. Dark purple hues may surface when grown in cold temperatures.

Aroma and Taste: The aroma is an orange and citrus delight, standing out against palpable earthy undertones and hints of clover. The flavor is smooth and more of the same, with an overall tangy and chemical feel.

Trivia: 1st place winner at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup

Recreational Effects

Tangerine Dream is a befitting name for this dreamy, citrusy delight that relaxes and invigorates taste buds and minds alike. This strain feels like it was born out of Bruce Lee’s “Be water” philosophy – like water, it takes the shape of its container, in this case the user’s mental space.

Being a sativa-leaning strain, the Tangerine Dream starts off with an instant and bright mental rush, almost literally like a breath of fresh air, or perhaps laughing gas. Due to Tangerine Dream’s potency, this initial charge of euphoria can be slightly disorienting, but the strain’s balanced nature should soon stabilize your mental state and slow the influx down to a calm, clear stream of happiness, serenity, and ideas.

From then on, in the spirit of dreams, the experience depends entirely on your overall frame of mind. Tangerine Dream can keep you engrossed in mental, creative, or other work for hours on end, providing a relaxing, blissful backdrop and (for a while) seemingly inexhaustible supply of focus. Or, you might prefer to kick back and indulge in mentally stimulating recreational activities like movies, video games, reading, all of which will be colored with various shades of dreamy tangerine.

The state of relaxation trickles down to the body and seeps into every limb and body part, enveloping you like a cosy blanket. In higher dosages, that blanket can get pretty heavy and even induce some couch-lock.

Medicinal Benefits

With its simultaneously uplifting and relaxing effects, Tangerine Dream can be of great help to people with mood disorders, whether they are characterized by low spirits or restless and anxious ones.

The focus that comes after the initial head rush, especially when users find something of real interest, can help keep ADD in check.

Pain relief is a hallmark of the Tangerine Dream. The strain is great for chronic pain and muscle soreness and cramps.

In large enough doses, Tangerine Dream can make you sleepy, but proper insomniacs would probably still needs something more indica-heavy added to the mix.

The munchies, while not among Tangerine Dream’s trademarks, are also strong enough to help people who suffer from a lack of appetite.

Overall, with its versatility and well-roundedness, Tangerine Dream lend itself perfectly to chemotherapy patients, as they won’t have to render their minds numb with a ultra heavy hitting indica in their efforts to numb the pain and bring themselves to eat.



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