Type: 75:25 sativa:indica, however, above all else, Harlequin a MEDICAL cannabis strain.

Ancestry: Colombian Gold, Thai, Nepali, and Swiss landrace strains

Creators: Believed to be Mr. Green from the House of David Collective

THC Content: 4-10%

CBD Content: 6-15%

Terpenes: pinene, myrcene, caryophyllene

Appearance: Nothing out of the ordinary, contrary to what the name might suggest – tightly packed, forest-green buds with vibrant pistils and some trichomes sprinkled on top.

Aroma and Taste: Very pleasant aroma of wood and earth, with mango, tropical fruit, and vanilla undertones. The taste is a little more on the herbal side, with some hints of wood and pine.

Trivia: Winner of multiple Cannabis Cup awards for its CBD content, including a 2nd place in the “Flower CBD” category of the 2020 710 Cup; Harlequin’s name is believed to be inspired by its “colorful” patchwork of an ancestry.

Recreational Effects

Harlequin is a unique strain for sure, often likened to the weed “back in the day” because it’s very mellow and nowhere nearly as strong as today’s weed. However, this description doesn’t do it justice, as the low THC count doesn’t paint the whole, bright, colorful picture that is Harlequin at all.

Harlequin’s effects epitomize the idea of the intricate synergy between mind and body.

For many people, especially those with holistic medical needs, Harlequin is akin to waking up to sunshine and blue skies. Its effects are so simple and magical at the same time, like a good mood that comes from somewhere deep inside, be it a hormonal balance, a mind in respite, a sense of overall harmony. The THC levels are low enough to keep you pretty much completely sober, focused, and functional, yet high enough to give you that distinctive, mind-altering kick, be it light one, and spring in your step.

Harlequin is perhaps the gentlest introduction one could ask for in the world of recreational cannabis. It’s almost like a cannabis-dominant hybrid with hemp. It’s one – if not the – most universal strains, and in that spirit, it can be used at any time of day, however, its effects go the longest way during the day.

Medicinal Benefits

Even though we said that Harlequin’s low THC levels don’t tell its full story, the THC:CBD ratio does or at least comes close. While for most strains, this ratio is in the ballpark of 20+:1, Harlequin’s balance of power is completely shifted – CBD:THC can be as high as 5:2 and no lower than 1:1.

Harlequin’s unique cannabinoid distribution makes it perhaps the best stress-relieving strain from a reward:risk ratio. CBD is known for its anxiolytic properties, and with THC being so low and generally lower than CBD, which counteracts its side effects, this strain is practically incapable of thrusting users into a paranoia fit of any capacity, and instead does wonders for people who suffer from anxiety.

Furthermore, the exceptionally high CBD levels, “spiked” with just enough THC to bolster their impact and trigger the entourage effect, can be that essential nudge to help people lift themselves from depression.

Of course, CBD has all kinds of health benefits, and the ones that shine through in Harlequin the most are pain relief and sweeping anti-inflammation. Many users with autoimmune diseases consider this strain a godsend, as it provides relief while allowing them to function in many areas of their life that have been previously out of their physical bounds.

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