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Type: 90:10 indica:sativa

Ancestry: Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg

Creators: Divine Genetics, however, because of the company’s secrecy regarding their operations, other breeders like Mamiko Seeds skunkmasterflex have laid claim to GMO.

THC Content: 20-30+%!

Terpenes: myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, limonene

Appearance: elongated, olive-green buds with curled up leaves, thick trichome coating, and tight copper-like pistils

Aroma and Taste: GMO’s aroma is legendary and viewed as a sign of the strain’s authenticity. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of a mix of garlic and rotting coffee, not that this is a combo most people would be familiar with to begin with. It’s surprisingly pleasant. Taste is similar, but the garlic waits until the exhale to make an appearance, with the inhale having some earthy and sweet notes, probably courtesy of the Girl Scout Cookies genes.

Trivia: a. k.a GMO Cookies and Garlic Cookies, because of the negative connotations that GMO brings to mind.

Recreational Effects

GMO is the ultimate indica boss. It generates the kind of high and experience that many cannabis virgins, who base their ideas on far-fetched movies, imagine what being high is always like. Very strong and spacey, borderline psychedelic, this strain provokes deep and long-lasting introspection, reflection, and stargazing, even if what you’re actually looking at is your ceiling. The hazy, indica thoughts and visions play out against a positive, blissful, and even euphoric backdrop. Perhaps above everything else though, complete relaxation is what reigns supreme, as long as you can handle the THC count.

Depending on your tolerance and energy levels, you might find GMO great for enjoying a movie or video game at some point of the high, however, it’s also quite likely that you feel too tired, sedated, and/or disorientated to pay attention to it or finish it. Perhaps this strain is best suited for activities that allow you to drift away into your own thoughts and waft back in, nurturing your soul on a deeper level rather stimulating your brain through somewhat superficial dopamine boosts. If GMO was an actual video game, it would be one of those that feel more like an interactive movie and a beautiful, visceral experience, like Journey, rather than an action-packed thriller.

GMO’s full-body high is a thing of indica legends. It feels like a heavy, warm, cozy blanket on your body, weighing it down and shielding it from the world.

Medicinal Benefits

GMO’s body high doesn’t just make most pain and muscle soreness go away, it renders them sweet, turns them into a pleasurable pulsing sensation on the pains spots that’s almost like a massage.

When it comes to stress relief, however, things can get somewhat tricky. As mentioned above, relaxation is a defining characteristic of the GMO experience, but taping into it generally requires some experience and tolerance levels. Such a potent strain can backfire in the hands of inexperienced users and thrust them into a loop of paranoia and disorientation.

In terms of helping you sleep, provided that you don’t have a bad “trip” and can make the most of this otherwise great indica, staying awake would be a challenge after a while even for true insomniacs. This is a late afternoon and night-time strain for sure.

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