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Master Kush

Master Kush

Type: 20:80 sativa:indica

Ancestry: A cross between two landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region, believed to be Hindu Kush Skunk#1

Creators: Dutch White Label Seed Company

THC Content: 18-24%

Terpenes: caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene

Appearance: Spade-shaped, dense buds with compact, saturated green leaves, woven with vibrant orange pistils and sprinkled with crystal trichomes. A colorful, beautiful strain.

Aroma and Taste: Strong, earthy scent, with hints of lemon and oak and a mellow pine-like taste

Trivia: Where do we start? Perhaps with the fact that Master Kush is none other than Snoop Dog’s favorite strain? Or that it’s the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup winner? It’s also worth mentioning it was originally named High Rise.

Recreational Effects

As we mentioned above, Master Kush is Snoop Dog’s weed of choice, so you can basically think of the iconic rapper as the personification of this strain. Actually, in the spirit of personification and cannabis ancestry, Master Kush would be the baby of Snoop Dog and post-workout Joe Rogan, as it sends the mind on a quest for knowledge and new ideas while your body stays firmly on the couch.

Indeed, body-wise, Master Kush is a classic indica, and the gold standard at that – deep body relaxation from head to toe.

Mind-wise, however, is where the “master” in kush comes in, making every bit of the 20% sativa count. Besides the quintessential peace and relaxation that permeates your entire being, Master Kush fills you with strong, but gentle and channeled euphoria that quickly elevates you to planes of thought where ideas become crystallized in stardust.  The creativity and divergent way of thinking are perhaps Master Kush’s most celebrated effects, and bolstered by its stress-relieving properties make this strain just perfect for brainstorming sessions, podcasts, scientific discussions, and individual creative and artistic spurs that just melt time and the outside world away.

Of course, you can always put a movie on or play video games and lose yourself in the wonderlands of other people’s imaginations, which will be all-the-more detailed through the lens of your heightened senses.

Medicinal Benefits

As expected, Master Kush provides strong pain-relief and can loosen sore muscles and joints.

The blissful high in new, riveting worlds of ideas and thoughts is a great escape from stress, anxiety, and depression. With that being said, moderation with this potent strain is key, as otherwise, anxiety and paranoia can come with a vengeance.

Master Kush is also known for its powerful munchies, so be sure to stock up, even if you suffer from a clinical lack of appetite.

Last but certainly not least, no matter how stimulating your creative and recreational sessions may be, they will eventually give way to an increasingly sedated state in which even insomniacs won’t stay awake for long. In that sense, Master Kush is the perfect post-work/early evening/late night strain.



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