Tahoe OG (Kush)

Tahoe OG

Type: 10:90 sativa:indica

Ancestry: Tahoe OG is a phenotype of OG Kush

Creator: Ganja Guru

THC Levels: 20% on average

Terpenes: linalool, humulene, caryophyllene, pinene, myrcene

Appearance: Neon-green, dense buds with curled-up leaves and a very thick, glistening white trichome coating.

Aroma and Taste: A very pleasant mix of lemon, earth, and pine, with lemon being the characteristic note. The smell is pungent and dank and the smoke is smooth.

Trivia: Named after lake Tahoe in California where Ganja Guru allegedly lived in the 1980s; Some growers make phenotypes that lean toward a 50:50 sativa:indica ratio – if you insist on the original and the pronouncedly indica effects that come with it, look for Tahoe OG Kush to make sure it’s the indica phenotype, or specifically ask the seller.

Recreational Effects

Tahoe OG is the type of strain to delight indica lovers and possibly even win some sativa fans over.

Tahoe OG is often hailed as one of the strongest descendants of OG Kush, so moderation is particularly important.

The onset of the effects is fast, like a wave of relaxation washing over your body and quickly proceeding to wash away the stress from your mind as well. You might feel the pleasant lethargy around the eyes that is characteristic of the classically indica, blissfully stoned state.

What makes Tahoe OG a fan-favorite across people with different tastes is the hint of sativa that’s like a dash of the perfect spice, just enough to give it a gentle euphoric kick that makes the whole experience infinitely richer as opposed to simply relaxing. Tahoe OG fills you with the kind of glee you associate with a rainy day off lying ahead, just for you, to do anything you please in the wonderland of your home.

Meanwhile, the body will be melting on your cloud-like couch, with the munchies being its sole instinct, which will eventually give way to sleep.


Medicinal Benefits

Tahoe OG is great for people who suffer from anxiety and stress, as worries seemingly evaporate away. Users who suffer from depression also report feeling uplifted and simply happier under this strain’s influence.

With its full-body high and relaxation, Tahoe OG provides strong pain relief and helps loosen sore and tense muscles.

The persistent munchies can spark even the clinically damaged appetite.

Perhaps Tahoe OG; strongest medicinal benefit is its sedation that can be of tremendous help for insomniacs. Speaking of, this is definitely a night strain.

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